Find the hidden objects in the ages of Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time is a casual game in which you have to find the hidden objects scattered in the four great historical eras of our world.

The objects to be found are visible in the bar below, but it will not be easy to find them as the scenarios are full of details in which many objects to be found are easily camouflaged, especially the smaller ones, however cryptic suggestions are available that must be interpreted with a particular intuition.

By discovering enough hidden objects in the colorful hand-drawn levels, you can progress through the various eras that make up the story mode.

The Crazy Monkey Studios game provides players with an editor that allows them to create their own levels to share on the cloud where they can also discover, play and rate those created by community users.

Hidden Through Time is available for Android for € 2.99 with an optional in-app purchase of € 0.99 required to obtain the Viking Tales expansion.

The game asks for permissions to access photos, media and files and can be found in the Play Store from Google through the badge that you find under the trailer. Android 4.4 or later is sufficient for installation.

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