Final Fantasy VIII Remastered lands on Android

Final Fantasy VIII was published in 1999 and was the first of the saga to be translated into Italian. After posting on PC And Console, the remastered version of this beloved RPG is now also available for Android with revamped character models, easier battles, upgrades of the HP / ATB bars during battles and the ability to activate special techniques at any time.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered allows you to deactivate the hated random encounters and activate the turbo mode to enjoy the title at three times the standard speed, excluding certain in-game movies.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is available for Android and iOS

For the rest, the story of Final Fantasy VIII is well known to fans: Squall and other members of the SeeD, a special combat unit, join forces with Rinoa, who belongs to the resistance, to fight against the tyrannical regime of Galbadia and prevent Edea to carry out her perfidious plan.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is available for Android at the standard price of € 22.99, but until April 4 it is on promotion for € 18.99 without ads or in-app purchases. This is a challenging price but in line with previous Square Enix productions for mobile devices.

Android 6.0 or later and 2.59GB of available space are required for installation. The developer recommends saving often as the game is not bug free. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to reach the game page in Play Store from Google.

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