Factor Launcher brings back the Windows Phone style on Android

Factor Launcher is an application that offers the ability to customize your smartphone with an appearance reminiscent of Windows Phone 7.

The launcher reproduces the look of the mobile system of Microsoft in a more modern key, with the typical single cards of different sizes.

Although Windows Phone has not achieved the success of Android And iOS however, there are many fans of the cards or of the Redmond giant in general who might find this launcher interesting.

Factor Launcher is geared towards Windows Phone fans

Factor Launcher it is aimed at users who do not have many apps installed on their smartphone, however it can be more immediate to use for people with disabilities.

The launcher allows you to calibrate the experience with various options and features such as the blur effect and the ability to adjust the size and style of the tiles.

Factor Launcher It is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases, but is currently still under development, so it may have some bugs.

The application asks for permissions to access photos, multimedia elements and files and is traceable nel Play Store from Google using the badge found below the demonstration video.

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