Even the “old” animatronics can enter the metaverse

The Super Bowl has always given us some of the most beautiful spots in the world and the 2022 edition is certainly no exception. Among those that most impressed us this year there is also that of the virtual reality viewer Meta Quest 2, ex Oculus Quest 2. The protagonist? A retired animatronic.

Meta Quest 2: the Super Bowl 2022 commercial

After Facebook Connect 2021, the event with which Zuckeberg announced to the world his intention to build the metaverse, the American company has decided to push the accelerator further on virtual reality headsets, which will be indispensable for this new use of the web.
While waiting for the new model, which has been in development for some time, everything is focused on Meta Quest 2, complete with billboards on the streets and now a Super Bowl commercial.

The main character is an animatrone or animatronic, a mechanical puppet that looks like a dog and who, at the beginning of the commercial, plays in a band in the company of other animatrons. At a certain point, however, the lights go out: his career is over. We see it first become a decoration in a mini golf course and then end up in a compactor.
However, someone decides to save it and take it inside a space center, transforming it into a sign that indicates the cafeteria. Immediately after we see a young man taking off his Quest 2 and putting it on his dog che, at that point, is transported to the metaverse where he can meet his friends again and return to play with them.

The claim says: Old friends.New fun“. Or “Oldmici, new fun “.

We are not sorry at all, even if it is easy to predict that someone will remove the viewer from our animatrone making him fall back into sadness.

How did it seem to you?

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