DXOMARK rewards Samsung Galaxy S21 FE display, minus audio and photos

It arrived on the market very late, thanks to the chipset shortage that is still gripping the technology market, but Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is having good sales results, thanks also to a sudden price drop and numerous promotions supported by Samsung itself. the new smartphone passed on the DXOMARK benches, where it was subjected to numerous tests.

The site, known above all for its evaluations relating to the photographic sector, has in fact evaluated the screen and the audio department, expressing its opinion. If the screen convinced, allowing Galaxy S21 FE to position itself in the top 10, the same cannot be said for the camera and the audio part, segments in which the device is lost in the central part of the ranking, in an unexpected anonymity.

Bright and accurate display

The screen is undoubtedly one of the strengths of Samsung’s new high-end model and the rating of DXOMARK it is indeed very encouraging. For the distracted we remember that we are talking about a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel with FullHD + resolution (1080 x 2400 pixels), with a 20: 9 form factor and refresh rate at 120 Hztherefore very respectable specifications.

The screen gets a final score of 90, not bad if we consider that the best, iPhone 13 Pro Max, comes in at 99 points and that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra scored 91 points. Among the strengths it is worth noting the high brightness outdoors, one faithful color reproduction and accuracy in viewing HDR10 content.

Less convincing, however, is the view from non-optimal angles, with colors that tend to turn blue and lose saturation. Aliasing is very visible in games, a situation in which there are some clearly visible shots. To find out all the details of the DXOMARK evaluation, please refer to test summary.

Good camera but with obvious limitations

Looking at the score assigned to the photographic sector of Galaxy S21 FE, which obtained 120 points, one could say that we are facing an excellent product. After all, it is only one point less than the S21 Ultra, a device of a completely different caliber. And the score itself is not bad at all, except that in the meantime the competition has moved on and has created much better devices, capable of obtaining higher scores.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy S21 FE camera is not to be thrown away and will surely give you numerous satisfactions. Good exposure, good contrast, precise textures with a lot of light, very pleasant colors, very accurate bokehexposure and white balance very satisfactory, both in the photographic and in the video part, and one good stabilization in static scenes are the strengths of the smartphone.

But where Samsung needs to improve is in the limited depth of field, in the noise hitting photos and videos when light goes downin artifacts and color changes, and in the precision of color rendering in the zoom. Not convincing exposure in high contrast videoswith software tending to underexpose images as well as dynamic range in very bright images.

Overall, however, we are faced with a smartphone that gets along very well and that will be able to give you numerous satisfactions, remembering however that there is better on the market, even at the same price. For all the details we refer you to test page.

Audio that does not leave its mark

The audio part of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is also not destined to leave its mark, even if the 71 points are just ten less than the best in class. DXOMARK’s judgment can be considered largely positive, with correct performance, a good balance (net of some flaws), good dynamics at low volumefull-bodied bass at maximum volume and no sound artifacts while listening.

Where the audio is not convincing is in the lack of extension in tone in the bass and treblenot very wide highs that worsen the performance at a distance from the smartphone and too low volume at the minimum level. We leave you once again at test result in which you can also discover the performance during audio recording.

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