DoodleLens animates drawings and doodles, bringing them from paper to the real world

DoodleLens is an application that allows you to create drawings or scribbles and use them to add a touch of style to your photos and videos using augmented reality.

The functioning of the app is quite simple: just draw something on paper, photograph the drawing and paste it in the real environment and eventually record and share the result.

L’application it is able to distinguish the scribbles from the background and they maintain their position in the real world even when moving, moreover it is possible change their color, turn them upside down and double them, however, they can be moved, rotated, resized, duplicated or deleted even after they have been placed.

It is also possible to use an advanced copy mode that allows you to animate the drawings that will be stored in the menu to be reused at any time.

Once you are done creating, you can take a screenshot or capture the scene in a video, showing the animated doodles or how they stay in place even when you move.

D.oodleLens is available for Android for € 2.19 with no in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access the camera, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to track the application in Play Store from Google. Android 7.0 or later and a compatible device are required for installation Google ARCore.

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