Doodle Schedule Maker finally arrives on Android

For those who do not know him, Doodle Schedule Maker is a web service that allows you to organize and manage a job or an event such as retail, a group outing or, more generally, in any case where you have to complete a group activity and you can’t find the perfect time.

After a long time from the start of the project, today theofficial app for android which manages to bring all the service to every smartphone very well.

First of all the interface is in full Material Design and all web functions are also available in the app. In fact, individual users will be able to have a personal Doodle calendar while for group work you have to pay a per capita fee.

In short, if you need to organize an excursion, a dinner, or you need a team work to clean your old garage, there is no better app than Doodle: Schedule Maker.

Doodle is compatible with Android 4.1 and above and can be downloaded via the box below.

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