DOMI arrives, the new social network for the condominium

A new social network lands on the Google Play Store e App Store, but its target may surprise you: it is called DOMI and is an app launched by Komorebi Srl with the aim of proposing itself as the condominium social network, through which to publish posts, comments, like and even organize with the administrator. Are you curious to know more?

DOMI arrives, the social network for condominiums

The condominiums do not always get along well with each other, but in the end it is necessary to find points of understanding for coexistence in the common spaces. DOMI is born to agree on issues concerning the building and the apartments, or to organize with the administrator or simply to make friends with the neighbors.

Where did the idea come from to create a social network designed for condominiums? The founder Alberto Lamberti explains:

It is usually assumed that social networks allow you to connect people who live on the other side of the world, but forgetting something much simpler: we don’t know our neighbor. In this way, Domi wants to stimulate and improve proximity communication, which is often the most lacking.

The app is free and includes a part dedicated to management activities related to the administrator, who is involved only through formal reports. The social part instead allows you to share posts, events, passions, doubts, surveys, but also i professionals to whom we usually rely (such as the plumber, but also a babysitter), as well as to comment and interact actively. Also integrated is a chat function, which allows you to communicate individually with each user (and therefore condominium) in the utmost confidentiality.

With DOMI it is possible to send reports directly to the administrator and stay updated on communications and resolutions. All this with a reading certification system that allows you to avoid paper waste. The application is free and does not require a subscription, while external professionals can activate the paid integration features reserved for them. To find out more, you can go to the official site or download the app by following the badge below.

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