DM Me selects the right app to send messages

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app, but in recent times many more people are also exploring other communication platforms, especially due to the recent vicissitudes related to modification of the privacy policy of WhatsApp.

DM Me is an application that aims to make it easier to send messages to people using different apps by automatically opening the conversation in an app that they both use.

To do this, simply specify which are your favorite messaging apps and assign priorities by dragging them up or down the stack.

DM Me makes it easy to send messages with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and SMS

Currently the app supports Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and the default SMS app and via the options panel you can hide the contacts for which a messaging app has not been set.

DM Me is available for Android free of charge backed by an optional $ 2.19 in-app purchase required to unlock premium features and developer support.

The application asks for permissions to access contacts and is currently still under development, so it may have some bugs. Below you will find the badge to identify DM Me nel Play Store from Google.

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