Discounts and freebies on the premises in exchange for posts on Instagram? You can with Influency

Influency is an application that allows you to get fantastic discounts or free products in your favorite places by taking advantage of your followers Instagram.

Simply select the category of offers you are interested in, such as pizza, beer or a room in a hotel, scroll through all the campaigns tailored for you by the various brands involved, take a photo following the instructions provided and upload it. on Instagram.

The app offers the possibility to get discounts and gifts in your favorite places by promoting them on Instagram as you probably already do, but without receiving any reward for the word of mouth you generate in your circle of friends every time you post a dish or a product. on social.

For each campaign, the rules set by the brand (tag, hashatg, geolocation and characteristics of the photo) will be indicated in order to be entitled to a discount or a free product proportioned according to the number of your followers.

To get started, just a few hundred followers and respect the few and simple rules to get a coupon to show immediately at the checkout or a discount code to be used on online stores.

Influency is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access location, camera, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the badge to track the application in Play Store from Google. Android 4.1 or later is sufficient for installation.

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