Death Come True is an interactive movie and video game

Death Come True is a mysterious feature film halfway between interactive film and video game created by the brilliant creator of the Danganronpa.

The interactive adventure published by Izanagi Games begins with the protagonist being awakened by a sudden ringing of the phone while lying on a bed in a hotel room.

When he replies, he receives a message from the porter informing him to contact the reception in case of need, however the man does not remember anything.

Looking around he sees a bound and unconscious woman, while the evening news on TV speaks of him as a wanted man accused of being a murderer. At that moment there is a knock on the door …

Death Come True is an interactive movie and video game

In the various scenes the protagonist continues in the story following your choices that will have consequences on subsequent events up to bring the plot to different endings.

Whenever the protagonist dies you can get a “Death Medal” based on how he died and based on the number of medals obtained, special movies called “DeathTube” will be available. The adventure employs a cast of Japanese actors, however the lyrics are also translated into Italian.

Death Come True is available for Android for € 17.99 with no in-app purchases or ads and asks for permissions to access your phone, device ID and call data, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the demonstration movie and the badge to identify the game nel Play Store from Google. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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