Day & Night Map and Widget shows the light, shadow and twilight areas of the Earth

Day & Night Map and Widget is an application that allows you to see which areas of the Earth are illuminated by daylight, which areas are obscured by night and which areas are at dusk.

The interface shows an animation that allows you to understand how the areas of light, shadow and twilight on the planet vary over the 24 hours on a given day or throughout the year, with the bands that distinguish the civil dawn , nautical and astronomical.

Just below the map of the Earth there is a control that allows you to interactively set the reference time and date and to view the change of seasons and the length of the day.

The app also provides the user with a sizable widget that shows the map in real time on any smartphone screen and is designed to be very respectful of the battery, there is also a section that explains how to better understand the data and graphs provided. from the app.

Day & Night Map and Widget is available for Android free of charge supported by removable advertisements with an optional in-app purchase of € 1.09 which also helps support the development of theapplication and is traceable In the Play Store from Google using the badge you find below. Android 7.0 or later is required for installation.

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