CRADLE is the application for Android (and iOS) that identifies eye diseases

Although the camera in our smartphones is almost always used to take “normal” photos, it always is higher sensor quality joined to growing computing power processors, today makes it a very useful tool for identifying diseases and / or pathologies, in some cases even preceding the medical diagnosis.

Some researchers have developed the application CRADLE (available on iOS and Android) which, thanks to the machine learning, is able to identify with extreme precision the initial symptoms of diseases related to the eye, such as the retinoblastoma, the cataract or others. The scientists who developed the application tested the quality of CRADLE by scanning approx 53000 photos belonging to 40 children.

The result of the experiment allowed scientists to identify the emergence of eye diseases with quasi a year and a half in advance with respect to medical diagnosis. This, in the case of retinoblastoma, can save lives and start treatment in a timely manner. Although the app can be used on people of any age, CRADLE is designed to work on children.

Suffice it to say that retinoblastoma is a disease that has a greater spread in pediatric age and that, due to the age of children, very often it is not immediately diagnosed – trivially very young children have no way of communicating any vision problems to the outside world. .

Pending approval of the FDA American, or the body that deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products, it should be emphasized that the application it cannot replace the medical response. If you have a child at home and want to try it, CRADLE is available for free at the banner below.

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