confirmations for the launch date

At the end of last year, rumors became insistent that the Google team plans to launch Google Pixel 6a to May 2022 and in the last few hours new confirmations have arrived according to which these are actually the projects of the Mountain View giant.

Max Jambor is sure of it, who with a message on Twitter reiterates that Google’s next mid-range model is expected to launch in May, probably on the occasion of Google I / O 2022the annual appointment on the occasion of which the Mountain View giant unveils many of the innovations it is working on (and this could also include Google Pixel Watch).

In the event that these rumors prove to be founded, for Google Pixel 6a the US giant would end up focusing on an early launch of a few months compared to what has happened with the latest generations of its mid-range smartphones.

We recall, in fact, that Google Pixel 4a made its debut in August 2020 due to the delays related to the Coronavirus pandemic while Google Pixel 5a arrived on the market in the same period of the following year but with a considerably limited availability.

Three years ago, however, the first model of this series, Google Pixel 3a, was launched in May on the occasion of the Google I / O and maybe in 2022 the Mountain View giant could lean towards a sort of “return to origins” .

The possible features of Google Pixel 6a

At the moment it is difficult to say what might be the most important features of Google Pixel 6a, which should have a similar design to that of Google Pixel 6 and should be animated by a Google Tensor processor.

Probably this will be the first economic model from Google not to be able to count on the 3.5 mm audio jack while it will be interesting to find out what the Mountain View giant will decide to do with regards to its photographic sector.

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