Chrome updates logo for the first time in eight years

Chrome, the popular web browser owned by Google, changes its icon this year. It is the first time this has happened since 2014, while it is the fourth since 2008. To anticipate the new Google Chrome logo was one of the engineers behind the web browser, Elvin Hu, sharing via Twitter (via The Verge) the transformation of the logo since 2008. The new logo is already visible for users of the Canary version of Chrome, while soon it will also be visible to users of the official version of Chrome.

“Some of you may have noticed a new icon in the Chrome Canary update today. Yes! We are updating the Chrome brand icons for the first time in 8 years. The new icons will start appearing on your devices soon.” wrote @ elvin_not_11 on Twitter, posting the Chrome logos for 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2022 which can be seen below.

If the 2008 version of the Chrome logo was based on three-dimensionality, with shades and depth details of the elements, the 2022 version was minimalist and clean, while respecting the four-color design – Red, Yellow, Green and Blue – that have always distinguished it. The most important modification of the Chrome logo is however that of 2011, when the three-dimensionality based on elements left room for a 2d logo with the depth effect left only to shades. These were further reduced in the 2014 version and completely removed in the latest version this year.

The new Chrome logo is already visible today for users of the Canary version of Chrome, which is the version of the browser in the most unstable form that is publicly available, the one constantly under development and which is updated even every day. Following are the Chrome Dev versions – aimed at developers – and Chrome Beta – aimed at all those who wish to preview the latest browser news before the introduction of the final stable version. Chrome is the official version, whose users will be the last to see the new logo.

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