cheaper offers and with more Giga included in 2022

The new investigation Observatory confirm a new decline in the average price of mobile phone offers in January 2022 in comparison with the data of the previous year. In addition, against this decline, there is a increase of the Giga included available to users who activate one of the offers of the moment. The study also analyzed the current situation of the Italian mobile phone market, highlighting some of the main trends that will characterize 2022. Let’s see the details:

How mobile phone tariffs have changed in 2022: more gigabytes and falling prices

The study data confirm that, on average, mobile phone tariffs in January 2022 make available 2,736 minutes, 1,844 SMS and 70 GB against a periodic cost of 10.59 euros per month. Comparison with last year’s data confirms that the average cost of offers records a decrease of -4.5% while I Giga included they mark a substantial growth with an increase in the data bundle available to users equal to + 24.2%.

Limiting the survey to the offers of the MNO operators (TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and Iliad), moreover, it is noted that the average rate proposed to users provides 2,749 minutes, 1,982 SMS and 90 GB with a periodic cost of € 14.44 per month. In this case, the decrease in the monthly fee is minimal, resulting in -2.4%. It should be noted, however, that theincrease in Giga becomes even more significant with a noticeable + 28.6% which translates into 20GB of extra traffic for users.

The trends of the mobile phone market of 2022

The survey by the Observatory highlights some of the main trends in the mobile telephony market during 2022. As confirmed by the data summarized above, the offers today present a lowest cost (-4%) and make available more Giga per month (+ 24%). The study also points out that land rates from less than 10 euros per monthand they mark an even greater increase in Giga.

For this particular type of smartphone rates, in fact, i Giga per month are up by + 50% compared to the data collected in January last year, a sign that the low cost offers continue to record increasingly complete data bundles. As regards the 5G offers, instead, it records a drop in the monthly fee of -21% which is also accompanied by a decrease of -9% of the Giga included.

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