Can We Remove AtkexComSvc Safely? [4 Solutions]

Errors related to atkexComSvc.exe

In some cases it has also been observed that “atkexComSvc.exe ”may give errors when turning on your computer or installing a program. Please note that these errors can only occur with computers ASUS Where ACER in some cases.

Additionally, users have mentioned that it is known for regular use of 10 to 25% of the CPU. But nothing to worry about, since it is not a virus or malware.

If you have a different brand and still get the error, it is possible that it is a virus or a malware named atkexComSvc.exe to avoid detection. It is suggested to remove immediately if it is placed outside of C: Program Files which is the default location for this file.

It is also possible that it is not a virus or malware but still gives errors on system startup. This can happen because there may be files in the process which may be corrupted or missing. Errors can also appear with invalid registry entries.

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For users who are faced with high consumption of resources by the application is whether it is safe to disable the service. In fact, there isn’t much use of the Asus motherboard utility, although the name suggests otherwise.

It does not update drivers often and on modern operating systems the drivers are updated automatically and without additional software. There have also been numerous reports of AtkexComSvc and the Asus motherboard utility causing problems with other parts of the computer.

Therefore, it is recommended to disable or even delete the utility and its associated components. It is absolutely safe and has no side effect on the computer. The computer remains completely stable and can run even better thanks to reduced resource consumption.

But before disabling it we can try to fix the problem too 🙂

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Solution 1:

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

Unnecessary files can build up on your computer over time from normal use or web browsing. It may cause slow response from third party application or generate atkexcomsvc.exe error if not cleaned every now and then.

You can clean up temporary files by wiping disk which can not only solve your atkexcomsvc.exe error but can also improve your PC performance drastically.

Here are the steps:

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Look for ” ordered In the search box, but don’t press Enter yet.
  • Hold down the CTRL-Shift key on your keyboard, and then press Enter.
  • You will be taken to an authorization dialog.
  • Click on ” Yes“.
  • A Black Box will open with a blinking cursor.
  • Look for ” cleanmgr“, Then press Enter.
  • The system will start to calculate the size of the disk space that you can to recover.
  • A Disk Cleanup dialog box with a series of check boxes appears.
  • Look for the category ” Temporary files“.
  • Choose the categories you want to clean and click OK.

Solution 2:

If the error persists due to the bad files installed in your system, one method suggested by WinOSBite is to uninstall them by the following steps:

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