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Probably none of us would be able to do without our Android device. Unfortunately, smartphones and tablets are not just trusted companions, but because of some applicationsseemingly innocent, they could violate yours privacy.

Why does an alarm clock require access to the device’s camera? The request is certainly not normal, so the intentions of the developer are probably not positive. You may have titles on your phone that require just this permission and, as a result, have the option to spy on you at any time.

Thinking of being filmed without knowing it is one of the worst nightmares, for this reason our application today allows you to lock the camera of your smartphone and, in this way, no application will be able to activate it without your knowledge.

We are talking about Camera Block – Spy protection, downloadable for free from the Play Store which, in fact, will activate the famous suspension. Just launch the app and click on the yellow shield for set the lock and, consequently, no title will be able to use the camera. If you want to use an app to take photos, for example Instagram, you will necessarily have to relaunch Camera Block and unlock the camera.

In addition, the title will allow you to view the application list that require camera permission.

If you are a lover of privacy, Camera Block could reassure you a lot. A free version is available on the Play Store, but the complete application (ad-free and active for several hours) can be downloaded for the price of € 1.49.

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