Bullet Rush is available in soft-launch

Halfbrick Studios took the bingo when they released Jetpack Joyride on iOS in 2011 and the following year brought the game to Android.

Nine years later the developer is launching Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush, the sequel that adds the ability to shoot the familiar auto-runner type gameplay.

Jetpack Joyride 2 is structured in levels rather than repeating endless gameplay and the main character now has a health bar that could marry more than well with an aggressive monetization similar to that applied to the original game that comes to 99.99 euros for a single purchase in-app.

Judging by the trailer released by the developer Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush it appears quite similar to its predecessor with the major changes appearing to be designed in various monetization perspectives typical of the company.

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush is available in soft-launch

Currently, the game is available in soft-launch only in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but it shouldn’t be long before it becomes available to a wider audience.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to check if in the meantime the game has also become available from us, otherwise you can download its APK.

The Play Store from Google indicates that the title is free and supported by advertisements and optional in-app purchases that currently do not exceed € 4.99 each.

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