BibliotecApp allows you to manage a real library

Libraries App is an application that allows you to manage any type of library through a professional SQL database that hosts all the information and offers a section full of information.

The app integrates the Google Play Books search engine and offers the possibility to manage book loans as in a normal library, it is also able to import databases in Excel format (.xls, .xlsx and .xltx) exported from other software.

The book management application provides numerous features including:

  • Support for millions of users with no slowdowns of any kind
  • Saving essential information
  • Support for annual subscriptions with adjustable duration
  • 18 avatars, 4 backgrounds, 4 frames
  • Support for avatars from the gallery (also user photos)
  • Barcode scanning (fiscal code, identity card and id code)
  • Setting a fixed time for the loan of each book
  • Search over 30 million books with the integrated Google Play Books engine
  • Automatic import of book and cover data
  • Filters for free, paid ebooks, all ebooks, downloadable epub files and print types
  • Three distinct profiles with relative permissions (librarian, student / child, guest)
  • Password protected control panel

Libraries App is available for Android for € 4.99 without in-app purchases or advertising and asks for permissions to access the camera and photos, media and files. Below you will find the badge to find the application to manage the library in Play Store from Google. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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