Best HONOR smartphones: which one to buy January 2022

Despite the difficulties it faced starting from the second half of 2019, following the commercial ban by the United States, Huawei continues to be one of the most important players in the mobile phone market, and with it HONOR, a brand that has become independent for several years.

If in the high end of the market the winning recipe is represented by a clever mix of photography, performance and artificial intelligence, in the lower ranges the balance of the products presented represents the winning weapon. So here is our guide to best smartphones HONOR updated in the month of January 2022, obviously divided by price ranges.

In this guide, which will be updated every month, you will find only the models already available on the Italian market. The new models will therefore be included on this page as soon as they can be purchased in our country, so as to be able to take advantage of the official warranty and the manufacturer’s assistance service.

Also remember that many models are very similar, if not identical, to some HONOR models with which they share a large part of the research and development team.

How we select the best HONOR smartphones

In this guide you will not only find smartphones presented during 2021 but also many models launched during 2020. This is because in many cases last year’s top of the range are more interesting than the mid-range ones launched later, offering better performance compared to a very competitive price.

All the smartphones included in this page have been tested and tested by us, to be sure that they meet our validity criteria and that they actually represent the best HONOR-branded proposals for the mobile phone market.

In addition to the performance and the technical data sheet, one of the most important meters of judgment, we evaluate the quality / price ratio, which in some cases leads us to prefer older smartphones but still current from a technical point of view. We also do not neglect the user experience which must always be satisfying, even for the cheapest models.

Software support is also important, because an updated smartphone always guarantees adequate performance and maximum safety for users. You will therefore not find smartphones with approximate batteries, poor cameras and outdated resolution screens, as well as devices that no longer enjoy software support from HONOR.

So let’s try to understand which are the best smartphones HONOR that we have sorted by price, net of any promotions.

The best HONOR smartphones


In Italy it arrived at the end of 2019, and is mainly characterized by the retractable front camera.The absence of the front camera allows you to have a screen that occupies almost all of the front, while in the back the plastic cover offers a similar appearance. to the glass. It is quite large (163.5 x 77.3 x 8.8 mm but it is not impossible to use it with one hand. HONOR 9X consumes very little in stand-by and thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery it is never a problem to arrive in the evening. The more attentive can aspire to two days of autonomy. There are three sensors present in the rear camera: one with 48 megapixel (f / 1.8), ultra wide-angle sensor (FoV 120 degrees) from 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel sensor for measuring the depth of field Good shots even if in some cases the sharpness is exaggerated, on the whole it is a good camera phone thanks also to the intervention of artificial intelligence.

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HONOR 20 Lite

HONOR 20 Lite arrived in Italy in the first days of May 2019 a couple of weeks after the presentation, with very bright colors. Not bad the dimensions, 154.8 x 73.8 x 8 mm and 164 grams of weight, which do not unduly penalize the ergonomics. The polycarbonate back cover drastically reduces slipperiness for the benefit of usability. The 3,400 mAh battery with 10 watt fast charge does its thing, without sensational performance but always taking you to the evening even on particularly busy days. The triple rear camera, with 24 megapixel main sensor (f / 1.8), 8 megapixel wide angle sensor (f / 2.4) and 2 megapixel depth sensor (f / 2.4) defends itself very well in every situation and saves itself at night. thanks to artificial intelligence that definitely improves the result. Very good shots with good light, especially with the wide-angle sensor that suffers in the evening.

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HONOR 20 arrived in Italy in the summer of 2019, in the middle of the crisis between China and the USA, which created many problems for the Asian manufacturer, the victim of a shipment block. Solid construction, with an excellent impact given by the back cover, while the dimensions (154.25 x 74.097 x 7.87 mm) represented a good compromise for ergonomics, however affected by a slipperiness. A great optimization allows the 3,750 mAh battery to guarantee excellent results: it is almost impossible to discharge it in one day and it is not difficult to reach two days of autonomy with more careful use. There are four rear camera sensors, even if the 2 megapixel depth sensor and the 2 megapixel macro sensor are really of little use to the overall picture. Nothing to say instead about the 48 megapixel sensor (f / 1.8) and the 16 megapixel wide angle (f / 2.2) that allow you to take pictures of slightly lower quality than the top of the market, even at night where artificial intelligence helps a lot.

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HONOR View20

Presented on Boxing Day 2018, HONOR View20 arrived in Italy on January 23, 2019 in three different colors and with a single memory variant. If the back is very accurate, with a very particular finish, in the front the hole in the display stands out, to house the camera, a first for smartphones. Overall good ergonomics despite the not exactly negligible size. Once again the large 4,000 mah battery guarantees a full day of use, even intense, with the possibility of extending the autonomy to two days by paying some attention. The camera is excellent, with the main 48 megapixel sensor (f / 1.8) which is helped by a ToF sensor for depth of field and allows you to get excellent photos even in low light, thanks to the impeccable night mode already seen on some Huawei models.

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After the vicissitudes related to Huawei, HONOR restarted in the autumn of 2021 with this mid-range but very well-finished model. Despite mounting a 6.57-inch panel (at 120 Hz) the dimensions are more than acceptable (159.96 x 73.76 x 7.78 mm and 175 grams of weight) as well as the ergonomics thanks to the curvatures on the sides. The 4,300 battery, with fast charging at 66 watts, could make you turn up your nose, but even on the busiest days you always arrive in the evening with over 6 hours of screen on. The camera is not bad overall, with the 108 megapixel sensor (f / 1.9) flanked by an ultra wide angle 8 megapixel (f / 2/2) and a couple of sensors for macro and depth. With a lot of light the photos are excellent, a little less when the conditions are not optimal.

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These are therefore i best smartphones HONOR per month of January 2022. We remind you that we have numerous other guides, dedicated to the best smartphones on the market. Here are some of those that may interest you.

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