battery protected by notifying apps in the background

Just a month after the release of the first beta version, Google has released the Android 13 Developer Preview 2which includes an interesting feature of battery saving. Apparently, the operating system will warn users when background apps affect battery life. In this way it will be possible to take all the necessary precautions to avoid finding yourself with the smartphone empty. An interesting option, which we can’t wait to try.

Android 13: A new battery saver feature is coming

Over the last few years, the tech giants have shown great attention to optimizing smartphone batteries. Beyond the increase in battery capacity, in fact, significant improvements have been made to the charging speed or to the limitation of functions that could compromise its efficiency. And precisely in this category falls the new option of Android 13, designed so that the Android apps in the background do not reduce battery life.

At this point, it goes without saying how high the expectations are in this regard. Although it is clear that this feature will certainly not improve the battery performance of older and poorer smartphones. On the other hand, the older the Android phone, the less likely it is to get the update to Android 13. And even if your older smartphone is on the list of those that will receive the new operating system, you will have to wait quite a while before this. happen. Conversely, owners of a brand new device will see their battery performance further improved.

In particular, with the new update the operating system will send a notification which informs users ofexcessive battery drain. Indeed, as reported in detail by 9to5Google: “Android 13 introduces a system notification that appears when the app consumes a large amount of device battery during a 24 hour period. This new notification appears for all apps on devices running Android 13, regardless of the target SDK version.“. And in order not to provide users with the right feedback, the operating system will evaluate several parameters. First, for example, it will examine how the user interacts with the smartphone. And then it will check which Apps damage the battery by working in the background for a long time.

If an App runs for more than 20 hours, for example, users will receive a notification informing them that “The App has been running in the background for a long time“. Beyond this, however, Android 13 will not treat all applications equally. System apps, apps for complementary devices, VPN apps and others are excluded from this operation. Among these, even the Apps that users decide to make functional “without restrictions”. In short, the news are many. And very interesting too. It remains only to understand when Android 13 will really be available for everyone.

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