AVM presents FRITZ! OS 7.50 with WireGuard and improved user interface for easy use with the smartphone

AVM, a company specializing in home connectivity products and based in Berlin, has anticipated the news of FRITZ! OS 7.50, the next major software update for the brand’s products powered by the FRITZ! OS operating system. The new version 7.50 of FRITZ! OS has been shown premiered in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2022, which took place from February 28 to March 3, and is currently available in preview via FRITZ! Lab for the modem / router FRITZ! Box 7590.

FRITZ! OS 7.50 updates the fritz.box user interface with a new layout designed to make the section of the Wi-Fi network more orderly and functional for easy use with your smartphone or notebook. It also allows you to try out new options for VPN and Mesh Wi-Fi and new comfort functions in the areas of telephony and usability. Among the novelties there is the compatibility with the WireGuard VPN protocolfor setting up VPN connections more quickly.

In addition, with this update, AVM promises to improve the section Wi-Fi Meshin order to be able to use a FRITZ! Box as a Mesh Repeater and enjoy higher data transfer rates and greater stability, with the bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) used for an optimal connection between the FRITZ! Box connected to the line and the Mesh repeater.

Among other new features of FRITZ! OS 7.50, FRITZ! Fon comes with a new phone book and the ability to speak thanks to the Read Caller ID function. In fact, it is possible to choose a ringtone voice announcement that reads the name of the contact who is calling or set a voice memo. Announcements such as “Call from Claudia” or “Departure for the station” can be used as voice messages with which FRITZ! Fon notifies the user. It also improves the handling of unwanted numbers: the phone book can serve as a “white list”, while numbers not stored in the phone book can be blocked or redirected to the answering machine.

FRITZ! OS 7.50 also improves the management of the AVM products configured in the section Smart Home interface, with templates for Wi-Fi guest access, voicemail and push email notifications. Support for sensors for open window detection is also added.

For those who use the NAS function of the FRITZ! Box to access data in the entire local network, with FRITZ! OS 7.50 the possibility of using files in FAT and NFTS format, also those in exFAT format is added. Finally, the ability to integrate storage media into the local network more quickly is added.

For the time being, FRITZ! OS 7.50 can be previewed in the experimental version via the FRITZ! Lab, first for the modem / router FRITZ! Box 7590 and later also for other FRITZ! Box models. For a list of all the news and improvements, see en.avm.de/fritz-lab, which also explains how to install FRITZ! Lab.

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