Asus VivoWatch 5 with PTT, SpO2 and skin temperature sensor now available in Italy

Asus has announced the availability also in Italy of VivoWatch 5, new smart wearable for monitoring health, sport and more in general of all daily activities. Designed for lovers of wellbeing, but not only, it allows you to monitor various parameters in real time and always keep an eye on your health, sleep quality or exercise, helping you to reach your health and fitness goals . It also represents a valid support for those suffering from ailments such as hypertension, helping them to monitor and manage their well-being more effectively.

In Italy, Asus VivoWatch 5 is available at Asus Gold Stores and major commercial partners at a recommended retail price of € 349.00. The VivoWatch Band / Orange and VivoWatch Band / White leather straps are individually available at a recommended retail price of € 26.99.

Technical Specifications Asus VivoWatch 5
• Screen: Highly Reflective color LCD
• Sensors: 2x Electrocardiogram (ECG), 2x Photoplethysmography (PPG), 2x Infrared, Temperature, G-sensor, GPS, Altimeter, Gyroscope
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 or later (for connections to Android and iOS phones)
• Compatibility: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 11.0 or later
• Battery life: 10 days (typical use), 14 days (power saving mode)
• Battery: 300mAh (charged via USB)
• Water resistance: 5ATM
• Strap size: 22mm
• Weight: 52 grams (without strap), 74 grams (with silicone strap)
• Wellness Functionality: Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep Quality (Snore Tracking, Sleep Time, Turnaround Times, Average Heart Rate, Sleep Comfort Index)
• Health Monitoring Functionality: Heart Rate, Stress Level, PTT Index, Blood Oxygenation Level (SpO2), Body Harmony Index
• Health Management functionality in the Asus HealthConnect app: Family share, Blood pressure management, Medicines reminder (manual entry required)

VivoWatch 5 has an estimated battery life from Asus to up 14 days on a full charge, and an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence thinks about optimizing the battery life of the smart watch, balancing energy consumption and performance. When connected to a smartphone – Android 4.4 or later and Apple iOS 11.0 or later devices – the wearable can show notifications on its circular LCD screen and can vibrate when messages and calls arrive.

With this watch you can easily track your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), the physical activity performed, the quality of sleep and other indicators relating to one’s health status detected by the sensors integrated in the smartwatch, which are: 2x Electrocardiogram (ECG), 2x Photoplethysmography (PPG), 2x Infrared, Temperature (for 24/7 monitoring), G-sensor, GPS, Altimeter and Gyroscope.

Thanks to technology Asus HealthAIthe VivoWatch 5 employs an algorithm to automatically analyze all the data collected by the wearable and uses this information to provide in the app Asus HealthConnect – downloadable from your smartphone store – personalized advice based on the latest research and guidance from leading medical experts, including daily step goals and sleep goals. Leveraging sensors for ECG And PPGthe wearable can also calculate the transit time of the pulse on the wrist (PTT) to measure heart rate, sleep, physical activity and stress levels throughout the day.

Through the Asus HealthConnect app you can set the function for sending emergency messages which allows you to configure the sending of requests for help when necessary: ​​pressing and holding the side button of VivoWatch 5 activates the sending of a message that contains both the current position and the health parameters collected in real time to one or more emergency contacts.

With a body waterproof up to 50mthe wearable can also be worn in the pool or during a walk in the rain.

The integrated GPS and altimeter allow you to monitor all phases of each workout, both indoors and outdoors. The fitness tracker provides activity maps and up-to-date stats such as speed, distance, cadence, pace, altitude and duration. Advanced analysis modes are available such as Jogging, Bike, Walking, Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Stretching and Dance. Also present in the wearable is a aerobic heart rate indicator, which provides visual alerts and vibration alerts to help maximize aerobic benefits and minimize overexertion, while health reminders invite you to get up when sitting for too long and move at regular intervals throughout the day. The wearable also calculates a estimated calories burned during the daybased on heart rate, activity level, age, weight and other personal characteristics.

The face of the watch is customizable, even by setting your own photos, and the strap is interchangeable with other standard straps as long as they are 22m long.

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