Assistant has a very handy feature, but Google will be shutting it down soon

The Android operating system is full of functions that can potentially simplify the user experience and many of them are linked to Google services, too bad that Big G has decided to take out a very convenient one: the “Overview of the day”(Snapshot, in the English version) of Google Assistant. Let’s find out how to take advantage of this small residue of Google Now for the short period of residual availability.

Google Assistant “Overview of the day”: info and operation

The name chosen by the Mountain View team for this function – “Overview of the day”- it is definitely self-explanatory: it is a collection of upcoming events, weather and useful tips to help the user with the day’s commitments. As for suggestions, they can take the form of new recipes, movies to watch or music playlists to stream based on the user’s interests.

Since “Overview of the day” is a function that is part of Google Assistant, the suggestions and functions that it makes available to the user are not fixed or static, but vary taking into account the position, any scheduled commitments and so on; moreover, it is precisely with the other services of the Big G ecosystem that the function gives its best, just think of the integrations with Gmail – from which it takes, for example, information on payments to be made, tickets and reservations – and with Keep, from which takes up shopping lists and notes.

“Overview of the day” is available on practically all Android devices with access to Google Assistant and there are various paths that lead to this function: firstly, by calling up the voice assistant via the command “Hey Google”, simply press on the icon that appears in the left corner; alternatively, from the smartphone home screen, just swipe from left to right to open the Google Discover feed and then click on the small Snapshot icon next to the user’s image; finally, by opening the Google app and clicking on the dedicated icon visible at the bottom. It must be said that some clues to imminent removal of the feature were already scattered in the Big G apps: the last two methods described are no longer usable in the most recent versions, as the icon no longer appears.

If you have never used the ‘Overview of the Day’ screen before, when you first open it you will be greeted by a series of tabs with helpful tips. First access or not, for the complete list of functions that can be managed via Snapshot, simply click on the Settings icon next to the date of the day: the screen thus opened contains a complete list of cards can be activated and deactivated using the appropriate on / off switches. If a card is not of interest to you, you can safely ignore it: just go back to the main screen of “Overview of the day”, touch the small arrow icon, then the three-point menu at the bottom and then “Ignore this tab“.

Since the function is (was) designed to adapt to the needs of each user, there is no lack of customization possibilities. A trivial example is the possibility of changing the unit of measurement of the weather card from ° C to ° F and vice versa. Furthermore, by clicking on the “+” icon at the bottom right, it is possible to add a new reminder or an item to purchase.

Google Assistant “overview of the day”: goodbye close

Did all of the above make you curious? The advice is to satisfy it quickly, because Google has decided to eliminate the Assistant’s “Overview of the day” feature.

A warning already appears on the dedicated screen which reads: «The Overview of the Day feature will be discontinued shortly. You can still ask the assistant for updates on calendar events, birthday reminders, stock prices, and more“.

The link “Find out more” opens the support page, which however does not provide details whatsoever. At the top it reads only “When the Overview of the Day feature is no longer available, you will still find updates in other Google Assistant products and features“. Below is a list of information that will remain obtainable in other ways, such as: calendar events, birthday reminders, stock market information (Google Finance), details on flights and hotels, sports scores, weather, shopping lists and more. However, useful information is missing: the date Snapshot removal.

Waiting to understand when the “Overview of the day” will actually be removed, one fact is certain: Google has favored Discover – which certainly generates more revenue – at the expense of a function with the potential to simplify users’ lives.

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