Arrog is a particular adventure on the theme of death

Arrog is an enigmatic adventure in which you have to help a man to travel in dreams in the hope that he can accept his own death.

The aim of the game is to find the sense of a bizarre world made with classic animation techniques in a uniquely styled black and white that conveys an intense narrative experience.

The gameplay offers the ability to try your hand at puzzles scattered throughout the journey that can be solved using logic and simple interactions.

The Playdigious adventure is made with hand-drawn graphics depicting a world in black and white with some touches of color, on the notes of a soundtrack performed with real musical instruments that will accompany your progress in each chapter of the story.

Arrog is a particular adventure on the theme of death

Arrog is a particular adventure that allows you to discover a different way of seeing death and what it represents through a story without words based on Latin American folklore, however the longevity of the title is rather short, albeit intense, and stands at 20- 30 minutes of gameplay.

Arrog is available for Android in Italian at the standard price of € 2.99 without in-app purchases, but is currently offered at the introductory price of € 1.99 and is reachable nel Play Store from Google through the badge you find under the trailer. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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