Arduino PRO presents Nicla Vision

Arduino PRO has announced the debut of Nicla Vision. This is the latest addition to the Nicla product family designed to extend the Arduino ecosystem. Nicla Vision is a ready-to-use camera that supports TinyML and can also function as a standalone device. The device integrates a 2 Megapixel color sensor, a 6-axis intelligent motion sensor, a microphone and a distance sensor.

Nicla Vision debuts

Nicla Vision by Arduino PRO is one autonomous and intelligent cameraready to use, which is characterized by ultra compact size (22.86 mm x 22.86 mm). Arduino’s proposal is able to detect and acquire data related to distance, sound, movements and vibrations thanks to the various integrated sensors. Developers can easily implement the ability to send collected data to Arduino Cloud or other similar solutions thanks to connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy integrated. It should be noted that Nicla Vision integrates perfectly with other products of the Nicla range and with the Arduino MKR and Portenta solutions.

Price and where to buy the new Arduino proposal

For all the details on the operation and technical characteristics of Nicla Vision you can consult the Arduino official site from which you can also access the store to complete the purchase of the product. Nicla Vision can be purchased at a price of 95 euros.

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