Apple updates Maps in Italy with lane guidance, Look around and other new features

Apple has updated its Maps navigation app in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and Andorra to introduce features that were previously only available in the United States and a few other countries. For those unfamiliar with it, Maps is Apple’s navigation app that comes pre-installed on all iPhones – and is integrated into Apple’s apps including Photos, Messages, Calendar, Weather and more – helping hundreds of millions of people in over 200 countries and geographic areas to navigate and explore the world. With this update, Apple Maps now offers faster, more accurate navigation, and comprehensive views of streets, buildings, parks, airports, malls and more, making planning any trip or commute easier and more fun. Privacy always comes first, with Maps offering customized functions using on-device intelligence. Some features are already available immediately after the update, while others will be after the iPhone update to the new iOS 15 which will be available from next autumn (when exactly we will find out on September 14 at Apple’s next event).

The first addition to Apple’s updated Maps app is the new map, richer in detail to make navigation easier. The are also new natural language Siri directions (Siri Natural Language Guidance), such as “At the next traffic light, turn left”.

And then the functions debut in Italy “Directions to choose the lane“(Lane guidance) which helps to avoid wrong turns and direction errors by suggesting the correct lane before having to turn or take an exit, and”electronic speed control“which warns you when you approach the cameras for speed controls and red lights along a route, with the possibility of seeing where they are on the map.

Additionally, Apple Maps for Italy now reports when the congested traffic areaswhich are those areas that large cities use to help reduce traffic in the most congested areas.

After updating the app, you can also share an estimated arrival time using the “Sharing of arrival time“(Share ETA), with family, friends and colleagues with a tap or by asking Siri. The recipient can follow the movement, and Maps will also update it with a new arrival time estimate if a significant delay occurs.

On iPhone with iOS 15Maps allows public transport passengers in Italy to find nearby stations more easily and note your favorite lines. Maps automatically follows the selected route on means of transport, notifying you when it’s almost time to get off, with the possibility of tracking it on the Apple Watch. The real-time information on transport – initially only available in Milan – provide detailed public transport schedules, real-time departure times, arrival times, service disruptions, the current location of a traveling bus or train, and system links to help plan your journey voyage.

The new version of Maps on iOS 15 also allows you to report an accident, danger or speed check along their route via Siri – for example with voice commands “There is an accident ahead” or “There is something on the way”– as well as to report the resolution of the incidents displayed on the map.

The “Look around“(Look Around) which offers interactive street level images (of Rome, Milan and other cities) with high resolution 3D photographs and smooth and continuous transitions. And then there is”Flyover“, a way to see some of the main metropolitan areas with photo-realistic and engaging 3D views: you can move your device across space to see a city from above, or explore the city and its iconic places in high resolution by zooming in. , panning, tilting and rotating.

The “Guides“, that is, lists created by a number of reliable sources (including Louis Vuitton City Guides, Culture Trip and Lonely Planet) of places to eat, shop and explore. With the function”Favorites“you can quickly start navigating to the places most frequented by the user (such as home, work, gym or school): after adding the place to your Favorites on the launch screen, just touch its icon and start navigating to the desired destination Finally, Apple has updated indoor maps for airports and shopping centers (not for everyone, ed) to allow the app to see which floor you are on, the location of the bathrooms and which shops and restaurants are open.

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