Apple, Amazon and Google are the most valuable brands of 2022 for Brand Finance

Brand Finance, a brand assessment and strategy consultancy, has released its annual report Brand Finance Global 500 with the ranking of the 500 most valuable brands of 2022. Leading this ranking this year are Apple, Amazon and Google. On the other hand, TikTok and Snapchat are the brands whose value has recorded the fastest growth in a year. Disney, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify streaming services are also growing.

In the Brand Finance report you can read how Apple retained its title as the most valuable brand in the world after a 35% increase in its value to $ 355.1 billion, the highest brand value ever recorded in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

“Apple had a stellar 2021, evidenced by its success in early 2022, being the first company to achieve a $ 3 trillion market valuation.” writes Brand Finance. “The tech giant’s success historically lay in refining the positioning of its core brand, but its most recent growth can be attributed to the company’s recognition that its branding can be effectively applied to a much wider range of services. The iPhone still accounts for about half of the brand’s sales. However, this year Apple has paid more attention to the other suite of products with a new generation of iPads, an overhaul of the iMac and the introduction of AirTag. its range of services, from Apple Pay to Apple TV, has grown stronger and more important to the success of the brand. In addition, Apple understands the importance of being in tune with its customers to maintain fairness of the brand. Privacy and the environment are salient issues, and Apple has strengthened its credentials on both fronts. This is demonstrated by greater transparency in the disclosure on the privacy of the App Store, strengthening the trust customers have in the brand, and the announcement that more of Apple’s manufacturing partners will switch to 100% renewable energy, as the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 “.

“Apple has an incredible level of brand loyalty, largely thanks to its reputation for quality and innovation. Decades of hard work to perfect the brand has seen Apple become a cultural phenomenon, enabling it not only to compete, but to thrive. in a huge number of markets. With rumors abounding about its foray into electric vehicles and virtual reality, it looks like it is poised for a new leap. ” commented David Haigh, President and CEO of Brand Finance.

In the meantime, too Amazon And Google have recorded good levels of growth, keeping both of their places in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking behind Apple in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Amazon joined Apple in breaking the $ 300 billion brand value threshold with a 38% increase to $ 350.3 billion, in a period in which it faced global supply chain problems and a shortage. of manpower. Since June 2021, it has hired 133,000 new employees and recently announced plans to hire an additional 125,000 hourly workers in anticipation of continued growth.

“Amazon sees logistics as a key factor, developing its end-to-end supply chain through a growing fleet of trucks, vans and airplanes. In 2020 and 2021, the brand invested approximately $ 80 billion in its division. logistics, compared to $ 58 billion combined in the previous five years “ it reads in the report.

Google recorded a 38% growth in brand value to $ 263.4 billion, placing it in third place on the list. “The brand relies on advertising for the vast majority of its revenue and was hurt at the start of the pandemic as advertising spending decreased due to uncertainty,” explains Brand Finance. “However, as the world has adapted to the new normal and with people spending more and more time online, advertising budgets have reopened and Google’s business has rebounded, resulting in a healthy increase in brand value.”

The Top 10 of the ranking is completed with Microsoft in fourth position ($ 184.2 billion worth), Walmart in fifth position (111.9 billion dollars worth), Samsung in sixth position (107.3 billion dollars worth), Facebook in seventh position (101.2 billion dollars worth), ICBC in eighth place ($ 75.1 billion worth), Huawei in ninth position (71.2 billion dollars worth), Verizon in tenth position (69.6 billion dollars worth). As you can see, the ranking includes 7 out of 10 US companies (of which 5 are in the top 5), two Chinese companies (Huawei and ICBC) and one South Korean company (Samsung).

“Huawei has managed to regain its place in the top 10 most valuable brands in the world, after growing 29% to $ 71.2 billion. Huawei’s smartphone business has been hit hard by US sanctions, but it has reacted positively by heavily intensifying investments both in national technology companies and in research and development, as well as turning its attention to cloud services ” it reads in the report.

The brand’s important growth is also highlighted in the Brand Finance report TikTok, “the fastest growing brand in the world”. TikTok managed to triple the brand value in the past year, growing 215% from $ 18.7 billion in 2021 to $ 59.0 billion this year. Present in 18th place in the ranking of the top 500 most valuable brands in the world according to Brand Finance, it is the new entry highest in the Brand Finance Global 500 2022 ranking. “With COVID-19 restrictions still in place around the world throughout 2021, digital entertainment, social media and streaming services have experienced continued growth and the rise of TikTok is a testament to how the world is changing. media consumption ” it reads in the report. “With its offering of easily digestible and fun content, the app’s popularity has spread around the world, however, it has also acted as a creative outlet and provided a way for people to connect while on the block.” TikTok surpassed one billion users in 2021 and became the most downloaded app on Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

After TikTok, the second fastest growing brand is Snapchat, another social media app whose brand value increased 184% to US $ 6.6 billion. Snapchat saw an increase in daily usage and revenue grow 77% in the first 9 months of 2021, with the popularity of its short-format video feature, Spotlight, being a key driver of this growth, according to Brand Finance.

Other notable players in the media industry include those offering streaming services, with Disney (brand value up 11% to US $ 57.0 billion), Netflix (brand value up 18% to US $ 29.4 billion), YouTube (brand value up 38% to US $ 23.9 billion) e Spotify (brand value increased 13% to $ 6.3 billion).

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