App Nursery: Zero Limestone

If you are a lover of comics, you will almost certainly know the famous Michele Rech, better known by the name of Zerocalcare.

We are talking about the Italian cartoonist famous for his illustrations, also published in the monthly la Repubblica XL. If you are one of his fans you will visit his official website daily, but if you always want to be updated on the news included in the portal, you can rely on the application “Zero Limestone‚ÄĚDeveloped by Stefano Paolessi.

It was the developer who informed us of his app which is simple, but useful if you want to follow the Italian cartoonist.

The title does nothing but recover the feed rss from Michele Rech’s blog (, allowing you not to miss a single story. Its interface is very simple, perhaps too simple, in fact, it does nothing but report the titles of the posts inserted by zerocalcare and allows you to immediately reach the content by bringing you back to the official website of the author.

The developer himself pointed out in the description of his title that it is absolutely not the official Zero Limestone app, but it is only a tool that offers the possibility to help illustrator enthusiasts.

Have you never heard of this Italian cartoonist? In this case, this application could allow you to know the very good Zerocalcare and, above all, its nice illustrated stories.

The application just presented is downloadable for free from Google Play and includes a small advertising banner on the bottom.


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