Another Google application has 5 billion downloads

Google applications are, for obvious reasons, among the most downloaded on our Android devices. Video calls have always aroused a certain fascination in users, which has become even greater in the last two years, due to the restrictions on human relationships caused by the pandemic we are facing. Being able to talk “face to face” with friends and family, even at considerable distances, is certainly a very convenient and appreciated function. Google Duo is a great alternative to do all this, in the vast landscape of competing applications, and now it joins the application club with 5 billion downloads.

Also for Google Duo the milestone of 5 billion downloads arrives

Google Duo has reached an important milestone, has been downloaded 5 billion times from the Play Store. There is a necessary clarification to make: the application in question is in fact installed by default on most Android phones, and this could have contributed considerably to achieving this goal. Nonetheless, considering that most users rely exclusively on the applications already present on their smartphone (think for example of your mother or an elderly aunt who are not able to download apps from the Play Store independently) it is safe to assume that it is however used by a large number of users.

Another aspect to consider in its widespread diffusion is linked to Big G’s smart home assistants, if you want to call home, where perhaps there is a Nest Hub ready to receive the video call, you necessarily need to rely on Duo. which in any case performs the assigned task very well. If you usually use other solutions for your video calls and have never tried Google Duo, we invite you to give it a chance by downloading it using the badge below.

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