AniWeather shows the weather forecast up to 7 days

AniWeather is an application that provides hourly weather forecasts up to 48 hours and daily forecasts for 7 days for the location detected by the GPS or any other in the world, based on the meteorological data provided by OpenWeather.

The main screen displays actual and perceived temperature, humidity percentage, atmospheric pressure and wind speed, with a carousel at the bottom showing the temperature and forecast for the next 7 days.

AniWeather shows the weather forecast up to 7 days

With a swipe it is possible to go to the next three screens that display the hourly weather forecast for the current day, the daily forecast for the 7 days to come which also include the UV index and finally the graphs for temperature, amount of precipitation and speed of the wind.

The weather application interface is characterized by captivating animations for all weather conditions, day / night and wind speed, while in the options you can choose between metric, imperial or standard measurement systems, but unfortunately the widget is missing.

AniWeather is available for Android free of charge supported by an optional in-app purchase of € 2.49 to support app development and asks for location access permissions that you need to enable for the app to work properly.

Below you will find the badge to find application nel Play Store from Google. Android 4.1 or later is sufficient for installation.

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