Android integrates the detection function of AirTag and the like

Despite the Bluetooth tracker are not a prerogative of Apple, there is no doubt that the AirTags have given a big boost to the success of the category. At the same time, however, they have raised no small concern about the possibility of stalking and harassment. A controversial situation, to which most of the hi-tech companies have had to adapt. Googlefor example, it appears to be working on adding a function of tracker detection on android. A useful option, leaked by some code strings found on the Net.

Android: Tracker detection built into the operating system

As you may already know, a few months ago Apple released the “Tracker Detect”To allow Android users to detect nearby AirTags. Tile, for its part, introduced a similar option just this month. Google, on the other hand, seems to have chosen to integrate a tracker detection function on Android. In fact, starting from mid-March, the technological giant has begun to work on the optimization of Google Play Services. Not surprisingly, in the latest version – 22.12.13 – there are references to “Unknown device alerts“And”Notification detected for unknown tag“.

This means that if a tracker is identified by your Android device then you can make it ring to verify that this is indeed the case. In any case, at the moment the detection function still looks like being tested. The question is whether detection will work as a user-activated scanner or whether it will be a completely self-contained option, which would really be the ideal solution. The other question we ask ourselves is whether the BlueeTooth tracker manufacturers are working together – or not – on this feature. Sure, that would be ideal, but until the detection option is available on Android we won’t know.


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