Android Automotive will have many new apps

Among the Google applications that will be the subject of important innovations in 2022 there are also those of Android Auto And Android Automotive, similar platforms but which rely on independent applications.

Between the two, it is Android Auto that has received better support with third-party applications, especially as regards navigation, with various alternative solutions to that of the Mountain View giant.

Several new apps are coming to Android Automotive

Finally, Android Automotive is also preparing to enrich itself, in order to offer users a richer and more enjoyable experience, probably also to keep up with the competition (just think of Tesla) and in the coming months an app of YouTube (at the moment the Mountain View giant has not provided precise indications on when the application will be released).

But the good news for users of the Android Automotive platform does not end there, as alternative satellite navigation solutions to Google Maps will also be introduced.

And if you consider that in the future Android Automotive will be mainly found in fully electric cars, having the possibility to exploit the applications for the charging stations will certainly be a feature particularly appreciated by users (and this even if Google Maps already has some interesting features from this point of view).

In the course of 2022, among the applications that will enter the Google Play Store for Android Automotive there are ChargePoint, PlugShare, SpotHero, ParkWhiz, Sygic And Flitsmeister.

The team of the Mountain View giant has also announced that applications for points of interest will be introduced but so far it has not shared their names.

While waiting to learn more, one thing seems to be already certain: the Google team has no intention of putting aside the vehicle entertainment sector. Competitor companies are warned.

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