Android Auto will finally receive the new messages

Since the release of the ad Android 12 the Google team was forced to address a series of bugs related to Android Auto and find a solution, such as the Google Maps crash problem.

Another very annoying bug whose first reports date back to November 2021 is what prevents notifications from being displayed on the main unit of some users as new messages arrive.

Found the fix for the Android Auto and Android 12 bug

Well, it seems that finally the Mountain View giant has managed to find a solution to this bug and a confirmation has also arrived from a representative of the company, who in response to a report on the Google support forum announced that the fix has already been implemented (“The team has implemented a fix to resolve this issue”).

According to what is learned, this bug has been found on various smartphones and an example is represented by that of the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S21, who began to notice it after updating to Samsung One UI 4 (the interface of the Korean giant based on Android 12).

According to the reports, if a message arrives when a piece of music is playing, the audio is briefly lowered as if to allow the device to emit the sound of the relative notification, which however is not emitted, just as no new is shown on the display. message.

It is unclear why the new messages are not displayed by Android Auto, as the Google team has not provided any explanation about it but what matters most to users is that the bug has been fixed.

The Mountain View giant’s team reminds users to update Android Auto and the Messages app to the latest versions available, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store through the following badges:

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