Android 13 will have this interesting feature

There are still several months to go until the official presentation of Android 13which is the next version of Google’s mobile operating system but in Net indiscretions follow one another that try to anticipate some of what should be its main characteristics.

And in the past few hours it has been Mishaal Rahman to provide us with an interesting insight into Android 13, by publishing on Twitter a screenshot of the AOSP code which shows one of the news that the Google developer team is working on.

With Android 13 coming a new feature for games

According to what is learned, with Android 13 a feature dedicated to video game enthusiasts should be introduced: in practice, devices launched on the market with this version of the pre-installed operating system may be able to load games faster thanks to a brief increase in CPU speed.

The solution studied by Google is based on a specific one new API which is set to allow games to communicate their current operating status to the OS, so that when it is loading, Android reacts by giving a sort of “push” to power management and therefore to the CPU for an increase in speed.

This function is currently being called Game Loading and is still being tested with processor manufacturers that will provide their own chips for Android 13.

According to what is learned, this functionality will be integrated in all new devices which will arrive on the market with Android 13 (or a later version) on board and will be implemented in all Google Pixel smartphones which will be updated to that version of the operating system.

On many devices launched before Android 13, therefore, this functionality will not be implemented, as it requires an intervention by the processor manufacturers which, however, are not “obliged” to provide according to the current agreements with Google.

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