Android 12L is now around the corner and will debut on the Google Pixel

Usually the launch of a new version of Android takes place in the second half of the year but this year Google has other projects, in view of the probable launch of its first folding smartphone. Since December, Android 12L is being tested, an intermediate version designed to take advantage of the many advantages of the new form factors.

March launch for the Pixel series

Without providing a precise date, Google released a few weeks ago the complete timeline relating to Android 12L, indicating only the timing of the beta, without however placing the release of the final version too far in time. Among the news, which we have already seen in the beta published so far, there are some updates that we usually find in the feature drop for the Pixel series, but above all numerous improvements and optimizations for large screens, namely foldable tablets and smartphones.

According to Mishaal Rahman, chief editor of XDA Developers and usually very reliable in his predictions, the date on which the update will be released is between March 7 and March 14. The first relates to the first Monday of the month, the date on which Google usually releases updates for its Google Pixel line, so it is quite likely that on this occasion there may be the highly anticipated news.

Google could also opt to release only the source code in the AOSP on March 7, postponing the launch of Android 12L to March 14, thus keeping the two events separate. But what is certain is that the first devices to receive the update will be those of the Google Pixel seriesas indeed it is reasonable to expect.

The Californian company has in fact decided that the novelties must debut on its products, increasingly a showcase for software innovations and increasingly attractive for those users who want to have preview access to the news of Big G.

Over the next few days we will certainly know more, also regarding the availability for the Pixel 6 series, currently excluded from the beta program.

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