Android 12 has a new problem but there is a solution

They are multiplying in Net the reports of users who complain of problems with the functioning of the mode Picture in Picture (also known as PIP) of Google Maps after updating your device ad Android 12.

Although the first reports concerned Google Maps, it seems that the problem is not limited to this application and also includes other very popular Android apps, such as Netflix, YouTube and Facebook.

Furthermore, the bug would also be rather generalized with regard to the affected smartphones, including models from various manufacturers (the first report on the Google support forum was referring to a Samsung).

In these cases, the attempts to try to solve the problem are to restart the smartphone, empty the memory cache, uninstall the apps that do not work and proceed with their reinstallation but, according to what we learn, these are solutions that do not lead to concrete benefits and probably users who have encountered this bug will not be able to do anything else wait for a software update from Google carrying a fix.

Google may already have the solution to the Android 12 problem

And a sort of clue that the developer team has started working on a solution for this problem has arrived in recent weeks: it seems, in fact, that around mid-January it was released for Google Pixel series smartphones an update aimed at solving this bug (“Fix for issue causing PIP window to render incorrectly for certain apps”).

It remains to be seen whether the fix in question has had the effect hoped for by the Google team and how long it will take for the Mountain View giant to implement this solution in a software update that can also solve the problem for other manufacturers’ smartphones already updated to Android 12.

We will probably know more in the coming weeks.

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