Android 12 and One UI 4 on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 with Noble ROM

For some years now Samsung has been doing a commendable job in terms of software updates, but where the South Korean manufacturer does not arrive there is still modding ready to put a piece in it: thanks to Noble ROM 2.0 it is possible to have a porting complete with One UI 4.0 based on Android 12 on the former top of the range Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 + and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Android 12 and One UI 4 on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

All three models have not yet lost Samsung’s software support – on the manufacturer’s site they are at the top of the list of models that are guaranteed quarterly updates – however they will not receive Android 12 officially. This is where the magical world of modding comes into play, with particular reference to the Noble ROM of AlexisXDAXDA’s Recognized Developer.

To be honest, this is not the first custom ROM to bring the latest stable version of the robot to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 series, however, while the one we talked about previously did not include the One UI 4, the peculiarity of this new version of the Noble ROM – whose previous release had already appeared on these pages – is just that: the base is Android 12, but there are also all the news of the renewed One UI.

In particular, the ROM is based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ firmware, complete with a February 2022 security patch. Noble ROM 2.0 brings on board Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 + And Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all the news of One UI 4.0 (here is our complete test on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra), including the Camera, and therefore the Color Palette, Remaster Image, Extra Attenuation, Object Eraser and so on.

The developer was keen to clarify that at the moment the ROM is not without bug, for example the iris sensor, the notification LED and the fingerprint gestures do not work as the Galaxy Note 10+ – whose firmware as mentioned is the basis of the ROM – does not support them. For more details on bugs, you can refer to this link.

Links and other information on Noble ROM 2.0

As for the installation methods, it is necessary to proceed through TWRP 3.6.0_9-1 and, according to their specific needs, the user has the choice between minimum, extreme or customized debloat. Since the installation of Magisk is optional, there is also the possibility of using banking applications.

The developer has promised monthly updates for the Noble ROM and has already announced that most of the bugs present at present will be fixed in future versions.

For more information and useful links, visit the address below:

Noble ROM 2.0: Android 12 and One UI 4.0 for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 +, Note 9

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