Amazon Prime Try first, pay then have clothes and shoes try on before you buy them

About two years ago, Amazon launched in the United States Prime Wardrobe, a service that since 2018 allows customers who subscribe to Prime to try on clothes and shoes before paying for them. The service was launched in beta in June 2017 for a limited group of Prime users but from 20 June 2018 it is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers on From 18 October 2021, this service is finally available also in Italy, where however it is called “First try first, pay later“.

The service has been conceived in a very simple way: once you have selected up to six suitable items from a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories, you place the order and Amazon delivers the selected items in a box which must then be returned to Amazon. in case of returning what you do not want to keep (for this reason there is a prepaid shipping label inside the box) within one week (from the day of delivery). Therefore, what you want to keep is kept while what is not good or disliked must be put back in the box to be sent back to Amazon. The company, after checking what has been returned, charges the money only for the items kept.

Note that the “Prime try first, pay later” service mainly accepts only credit and debit cards with expiration dates of at least 90 days in the future even if in the FAQ of the service the company specifies that “in some cases” it can accept credit and prepaid cards with expiration dates of less than 90 days. It is not possible to use gift vouchers. To verify payment cards, Amazon uses card authorization. Items are not charged until the purchase on is completed during the 7-day trial period: if you do not complete the online checkout in the ‘My Orders’ section by the end of the 7-day trial period, you will be charged for the cost of all items in the order (rest assured, Amazon sends reminders before billing).

It is possible to try up to 6 articles at a time: it is not possible to order multiple copies of the same identical item (i.e. same size and same color) with a single order. The items you want to return may have been tried on at home but must not have been used, worn, washed or damaged (you are not allowed to wear a dress to go out one night before returning it) and must have tags still attached and be in their place. original packaging, including hangers, bags, shoe boxes, dust bags and gift boxes. When Amazon receives a return, it determines in its sole discretion whether the products are in an acceptable condition based on the provisions of the Amazon Fashion Return Policy. If at this verification stage it is concluded that the returned items are not in an acceptable condition, Amazon may in its sole discretion charge the purchase price and ship the products home as ‘purchased’. This does not affect your statutory rights or Amazon’s 30-day returns policy.

Prime Wardrobe is something that Amazon was missing, and it comes in very handy to avoid paying for clothes or shoes of the same type but of two or three different sizes to be able to try them on and then receive a refund of the amount paid when returning the wrong sizes. For example, if we are undecided about the number of a pair of shoes we like, with ‘Prime try first, pay later’ you can order both numbers, try them on at home and keep only the one that fits best by returning the other.

With Prime Wardrobe, the dressing room where you usually try on clothes in a shop before buying them moves directly into your home, with the advantage of being able to try on clothes and shoes when you prefer because there is a week to make the eventual return of products.

How Prime Works Try First, Pay Later:
– Select your items: Choose up to 6 eligible items from a large selection of clothing, shoes and accessories
– Try them at home: take advantage of home delivery at no additional cost, and take advantage of the 7-day trial period to find the most suitable garments for you and try them on directly at home
– Checkout online: access the ‘My orders’ page to mark the items you want to keep and those you intend to return
– Return items: to return items you do not intend to purchase, use the same package and prepaid return label or choose the return option that you find most convenient

Prime Benefits Try First, Pay Later:
– Try before you buy: pay only for the items you decide to keep
– Free and easy returns: Several prepaid return options simplify the process
– perfect match: try all your favorite models in different sizes or shop for the whole family to try in comfort at home
– Included with Prime: Program is included with Prime membership at no additional cost – shipping and returns are included and free.

It is possible to obtain more information about the service “Prime Try First, Pay Later” on HERE.

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