Amazon offers free episodes of some series on Prime Video Channels

Amazon has introduced a novelty on Prime Video Channels, the section of its video platform that allows you to subscribe to payments to additional third-party channels, such as STARZPLAY, Noggin, Milan TV and Infinity Selection. Now you can watch episodes of some TV series for free.

Both Prime customers and non-subscribers can try new TV series and watch the first episode for free on Prime Video Channels, then decide whether to subscribe to a channel to continue watching them by taking advantage of the free period offered by Prime. Free episodes can be recognized by the blue badge, as shown in the example below.

All those who have an Amazon account can watch the free episodes available on Prime Video Channels but to continue watching the series, registration to the channel that hosts the title is required, therefore it is also necessary to register for Amazon Prime as without Prime not it is possible to subscribe to the additional channels of Prime Video. Those who have never signed up for Prime can take advantage of the initial 30-day free trial, then the cost is € 3.99 / month or € 36 / year with the possibility of canceling at any time. Even if it is the first time to subscribe to a channel, there is a free initial trial available, on average about seven days.

Amazon, with the collaboration of the partners who manage the channels, therefore allows you to try a series before eventually starting to pay to follow it. That’s a good thing, considering that since pilot (the first episode, ed) of a series it is already possible to get an idea whether to continue it or not. Netflix and Apple have also launched similar initiatives in the past few months, since on Apple TV Plus some episodes can be watched for freewithout subscription or free trial, as well as on Netflix.

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