Amazon and Apple call for donations to support the crisis-hit population in Ukraine

The giants Amazon and Apple have activated donation invitation campaigns to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. supports the Red Cross, while Apple supports Unicef. The campaigns can be reached by various services that Amazon and Apple offer to their customers.

The invitation banner to donate to the Italian Red Cross is visible on the homepage, as well as in the Amazon app located in Italy. The invitation banner for donation to Unicef ​​is instead visible on the iTunes homepage, as well as on Apple Music and other services of the Cupertino company.

Amazon users have the opportunity to contribute and help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine by donating quickly and easily through their Amazon account and Amazon Pay by logging into This page is also accessible from the Amazon mobile app, through the banner that promotes the collaboration between Amazon with the Red Cross visible on the homepage.

Amazon ensures that the donation amount will be sent in full and immediately to the Italian Red Cross to support people affected by the Ukrainian Emergency. Amazon said it does not take any fees from these donations: “our role is limited to processing donations on behalf of the Italian Red Cross to help affected people and communities” Amazon explained.

According to information shared by Amazon, the Italian Red Cross is working in close collaboration with the Ukrainian Red Cross and with the National Red Cross Societies of neighboring countries, focusing on the following actions:
• Integrated assistance and psychosocial support in Ukraine: distribution of essential goods and vouchers, socio-health and psychosocial support.
• Support for basic needs, including accommodation in neighboring countries: distribution of blankets, tents, personal hygiene and kitchen products, as well as vouchers so that families can provide for their needs.
• Support for the management of volunteering in neighboring countries: the National Red Cross Societies of neighboring countries are asking for support to help refugees, trusting in many people who for the first time want to collaborate with the Red Cross.

Apple featured a banner in Apple Music, iTunes and its other services inviting donations to Unicef ​​to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Through iTunes it is also possible to make a direct donation by choosing an amount from a minimum of 5 to 150 euros.

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