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Here is our review of 360 Total Security, the antivirus and the completely free online security solution developed by Qihoo.

Its antivirus protection is provided by two major third-party vendors. But is this program just a repackaging of other tools or does it have independent value?


360 Total Security Reviews
360 Total Security Reviews

The latest version is compatible with all versions of Windows, from “XP” and Vista to Win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The suite is also compatible with Android, and with Mac OS X 10.7 or other later versions.

The Android version is called 360 Total Security Lite and comes as an .apk file, available for free download at Google play.

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360 Total Security Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

Integrated antivirus engines

Integrated antivirus engines

It provides robust protection for professional and private systems. Indeed, the application incorporates five award-winning antivirus engines that provide vigorous detection and protection against viruses.

System optimization


360 Total Security mainly acts as an anti-virus, but it is also equipped with tools which help users to run their systems smoothly.

It cleans up junk files and plugins to free up disk space for more important files and documents.

In addition, 360 Total Security also optimizes systems by allowing users to disable unnecessary startup items, scheduled tasks, application services, and system services.

In this way, PCs, Macs and Android devices can operate more smoothly.

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Anti-ransomware toolkit


Because 360 ​​Total Security has cloud-based technology, it offers comprehensive protection of user documents. Moreover, it can detect the most recent ransomware variants in real time.

In addition, it monitors systems for suspicious behavior to ensure that there are no activities that could lead to forgery and misappropriation of documents.

Additionally, 360 Total Security provides peace of mind for business users by automatically creating backups of vital documents before they are accessed without proper authorization.

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Web protection

With 360 Total Security, users can access the web with ease and with the confidence that their activities are protected from potential threats.

The application makes sure that webcams cannot be used by hackers and spies and makes sure that passwords and other data are not saved by keystrokes.

The software scans downloaded files, protects users from malware websites, and protects them when making online purchases.

360 web

Overview of 360 Total Security features

  • Anti-virus
  • Antimalware
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Protection of multiple motors
  • Sandbox
  • Secure online shopping
  • Protection of private life
  • Internet protection
  • System protection
  • Refresh yourself

Security 4/5

360 scan

The virus protection is the heart of this security suite, but the engines that make it work are actually Avira and BitDefender.

For those who need reliable protection, this is good news: both scanners have achieved excellent results in independent reviews.

There are three scanning options: a quick scan (which is very fast – mine took less than five minutes), a custom scan, and a full system scan.

There is also a built-in update function that automatically checks your installed programs to make sure they are not out of date or contain vulnerabilities.

If the system detects a program with an available update, the upgrade details and a link to download the new version will appear.

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Characteristics 5/5

Qihoo 360 Total Security is more than just antivirus. Comprehensive speedup and cleanup tools improve your system health by removing unnecessary startup apps and files.

There is also a handy graph of the average boot time of your system, so it’s easy to follow the progress when you turn off unnecessary startup services. (which can slow down the loading time of your system considerably).

If the automatically preconfigured acceleration tools aren’t to your liking, Total Security also offers a ” Manual Which allows you to control the system settings.

Finally, the signs ” historical »Allow you to see the changes made to the optimization settings of your system. These tools integrate perfectly with the “scheduled cleaning” function.

Ease of use 4/5


Downloading Qihoo 360 Total Security involves a relatively simple two-step process (an executable is downloaded from the website, which then downloads the definitions and components for the program to run).

I like that some add-ons (like the antiransomware software decryption tool) are not included in the box and instead need to be downloaded after the initial installation is complete.

This keeps the size and speed of the initial download relatively manageable. After installation, the tool is very easy to use.

A notification icon keeps users informed of system alerts without being intrusive and the assortment of additional tools is accessible from the “toolbox” menu.

Overall, this is very well designed and user friendly software.

Qihoo 360 Total Security is completely free software, so it is expected that the support resources will not be as extensive as those of paid software.

Nonetheless, the company offers an online question and answer database to help users troubleshoot common issues, such as installing or manually updating virus definitions.

However, phone support and live chat are both missing and the email ticketing system is only accessible to users who have upgraded their Qihoo 360 Total Security to Premium version.

Price 5/5

price of 360

Qihoo 360 Total Security is a completely free product, so there is nothing to complain about about the price!

The company does, however, offer a Premium update that gives access to additional tools such as a firewall editor, privacy cleaner, in-app ad removal tool, and premium support (which offers the electronic ticketing).

The Premium version comes at a very reasonable price, especially when purchased for three years and can be installed on 3 machines.

The Premium version also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Advantages and disadvantages

These are the main advantages and disadvantages received by 360 Total Security after our analysis:

Advantages :Disadvantages:
– It’s free

– Nice interface

– Easy to use

– Low real-time protection

– Perceptible impact on computer resources

– Both free editions come with advertisements

– The functions available in the menu are not available in the main computer.

Antivirus performance

AV-TEST reports indicate that the software scores well below its peers when it comes to detecting 0-day malware attacks. Our score: 7/10.

The easiest way to judge the actual performance of antivirus software is to examine its independent lab test reports.

We recommend the results of AV-TEST, a German laboratory recognized for the authenticity and credibility of its results.

Let’s see how they are the test results:

  • Software detects 91.7% of malware attacks and threats 0 days (mean : 99%).
  • It detects 99.7% of common malware software (sector average: 98.5%)

  • The software generated 18 false alerts / alarms (average of: 13)

Overall, it looks like the results are satisfactory, but compared to other available software they are comparatively weaker which might be confusing for some users.

System performance

The software doesn’t bog down the running system which is great. Our score: 10/10.

Antivirus software often slows down the CPU, slowing down other running applications, installations, and downloads.

However, we are seeing continuous improvements in the software with more recent updates, and when it comes to 360 Total Security, the software performs quite well without leaving significant traces on the CPU.

Overall, the software does not have a significant impact on system performance and with features such as ‘Game Boost’, it can be adapted to the user’s activities and preferences.

The main thing is that:

It is endowed with a set of amazing functions.

We especially liked that the tool has the ability to run several popular and powerful antivirus engines from other boxes, which holds the key to the power of universal antivirus software.

360 Total Security Reviews: Final Thoughts

360 Total Security Reviews is always based on extensive analysis and testing and we sincerely hope you have found this one useful. Please let us know your comments if we can help you.

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