Afterlife lands in the Play Store

Ghostbusters is the official app of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the next chapter in the original universe of the Ghostbusters that will be released in cinemas starting November 11, 2021.

The app offers access to exclusive content and news and the opportunity to see updates to the iconic Ecto-1 and gear, with the ability to share Ghostbusters gifs and stickers, as well as take a selfie or photo of your friends using a variety of new themed photo filters.

The official Ghostbusters: Afterlife app includes exclusive content, mini games, and more

Through augmented reality, the app allows you to place the iconic Ecto-1 in your real world and find out what the classic car used by Ghostbusters as an emergency vehicle in the event of paranormal phenomena has been updated.

The included mini game offers the chance to board the Actomobile, launch the RTV and save Summerville by capturing the ghosts in a race against time in an 8-bit arcade style.

The official Ghostbusters app is available for Android for free and is available nel Google Play Store twrite the badge you find below.

For installation, Android 7.0 or later and an augmented reality compatible device are sufficient Google.

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