AdwCleaner Reviews: Effective Anti-Malware? [Test]

Before talking about our review on AdwCleaner. The advertising pop-ups are they spoiling your online navigation ? Your home page or your search engine has he suddenly changed without your explicit permission ?

If you answered with ” Yes To any of these questions, you might be victim of adware – a type of Malware / Adware well known. You will need a specialized application like Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to restore your device to its normal state and avoid further attacks.


What is adware (Malware / Adware)?

Adware is a complex malware who takes hold of your Navigator. It is deliberately associated with other utilities that you install on your device. He has then unlimited access to your browser settings and your private data.

AdwCleaner Reviews

In fgeneral, adware are difficult to detect and remove. This is why it is necessary to use adware cleaner to deal with it.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner works in detecting adware and in deleting them from your computer. The application is designed for use on home computers as well as in large organizations.

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AdwCleaner Review: What is AdwCleaner?

Very often we have to dealing with adware-type viruses which display distracting banners in browsers and even on the desktop.

Sometimes it is difficult to eliminate these threats because they are rooted in the system (registry, records, services and processes) and lead others malicious scripts outside the network. One of the best ways to fight such threats is the free AdwCleaner utility.

It is important to note which program type is AdwCleaner. This utility already works on malware computers infected, destroying them. Users have access to both clean interface and one file which does not occupy a large part of your storage space.

After you have downloaded this antivirus software, He is doing in-depth system analysis. This only happens after your confirmation. It is recommended close all other applications, then restart the PC.

To install the utility, you need to download the software only using the site official can be downloaded for free for Windows 10, 7 and 8.

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Why you need this AdwCleaner

It eliminates adware and unwanted programs. He will perform a thorough check of your browsers.

It detects adware, browser hijackers, spyware and other forms of potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and delete them. The application technology allows him to find even the most delicate malware and remove it.

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Removal of unnecessary toolbars and pre-installed software.

Can you get rid of frustrating toolbars and pre-installed software. All unwanted software can be removed.

These programs will put your endangered device, because spyware and PUPs can easily infect your computer. He allows you to restore your browser settings by removing programs that can be used to prepare for attacks.

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Analyzes !!

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner It allows you to to perform analyzes to make sure you are not malware victim through your browser. The launch of a to analyse is simple, and the analyzes take very little time to run and clean your device.

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

The settings

If you click Settings, you will see the panel next under the tab Application.

You can adjust cleaner settings by selecting the removal of execution option keys from image files, tracing keys and Prefetch files. You can also select Normal or Debug mode and the database options – Local or Server, and so on.
This free software very useful as it allows you to perform the following tasks with a single click:

  • Reset proxy
  • Delete the tracing keys
  • Delete Prefetch files
  • Delete IFEO keys
  • Reset Winsock
  • TCP / IP reset
  • Resetting the firewall
  • Reset IPSec
  • BITS reset
  • Resetting IE Rules
  • Reset Chrome Policies
  • Reset the Hosts file.
AdwCleaner settings
The settings

Version v8.0 recently brought some major updates like a faster scan speed, from improved detections, the restore files from quarantine and various improvements to the‘graphic interface.

The update also includes support for various languages such as Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Basque, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.

It collects and stores statistics relating to the use of the software, as software version that you use, the mode of execution, the analysis and cleaning time, the number of threats detected, cleaned and uncleaned, etc. These data are used to subsequent updates. Reviews: Is It A Trusted Site? (Qvo6)

Advantages from AdwCleaner

Uses few computer resources
For a application too useful, we may think that you will need some time to set it up and make it work. Fortunately, he does not require any installation and uses very little memory and processing power. Once downloaded, you can run it and perform analyzes.

Easy to use
The application hassimple user interface. It is not necessary to search in the dashboard for run an analysis, because it is very user-friendly.

Analysis with AdwCleaner
To analyse

Quick analyzes
Perform a scan is not only comfortable, but it is also a very fast process and yet thorough. Quick scans make it easy to protect your computer

Multilingual support
The app supports multiple languages, the number of which can reach 26 languages. Some of the supported languages ​​include English, Arabic, German, Chinese and Russian …

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The disadvantages of AdwCleaner

Required configuration
However, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner has limited support as it is only available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 users.

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AdwCleaner Review: The Conclusion

From advertising and unwarranted toolbars can spoil your navigation, all this caused by adware. If the your device’s performance has mysteriously slowed down, the situation is not hopeless.

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