Adriano transforms old smartphones into smart home hubs

The Italian Domethics takes advantage of CES 2022 to launch the Kickstarter campaign which aims to give new life to old smartphones and tablets. Adriano is a product that transforms outdated mobile devices into true hubs for controlling the devices of the smart home.

Adriano transforms old smartphones into powerful Hubs

Adriano aims to transform old smartphones and tablets into powerful gateways for smart home management through the dedicated app, in a way similar to devices such as Google Nest Hub.

The product resembles a docking station with built-in back-up batteries, as those of the devices it should accommodate will often be depleted or nearly exhausted.

Adriano will manage all the smart devices in the house including those for the safety of the rooms, since in the event of an intrusion the integrated motion sensors activate the camera of the connected device to allow monitoring of the home.

The device allows you to save up to 30% on bills thanks to the intelligent management of air conditioning and electricity consumption, it is also a support tool for home assistants and all facilities that deal with assistance to users with disabilities and the elderly.

Adriano can in fact collect information related to the well-being and health of the user to be sent to the general practitioner or to a specialized operations center, protecting privacy and sensitive data by encrypting information at the hardware level at the very moment in which they are collected. from sensors.

Compatibility with the iOT offer on the market is ensured by the presence of ZigBee, Z-wave, Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi radios in the gateway.

Availability and prices of Adriano

Adriano will have a price of 49 euros for “super early bird” supporters and 69 euros for “early birds”, who will be able to save 45% and 23% respectively on the final list price which will be 89 euros.

There are three options that include the Starter Kit which will cost 43 euros, the Health Kit which will have a price of 40 euros and the Van Life, designed for mobility, second homes and campers, which will cost 60 euros.

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