a partnership for “Zoned Storage”

Samsung Electronics and Western Digital have announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to initiate a unique collaboration to standardize and drive broad adoption of next-generation storage technologies for data placement, processing and structure (D2PF).
Companies will thus strive to create a vigorous ecosystem for so-called “Zoned Storage” solutions and allow the industry to focus on multiple applications that can deliver greater value to users.

This announcement marks an important step: the first collaboration between Samsung and Western Digital, two
technology leaders who have come together to create widespread standardization and raise awareness
the existence of important storage technologies.

Samsung and Western Digital: a partnership regarding “Zoned Storage”

“Storage is the fundamental basis in the process of consuming and using data. To meet and respond to current needs, while also anticipating future needs, we need to continue to
innovate, collaborate and keep pace as a reality capable of giving life to new standards and architectures “
, has
stated Rob Soderbery, EVP and GM, Western Digital’s Flash Business Unit. “In order for an ecosystem
technology is successful, the schemes and models of general solutions must combine so as to avoid fragmentation, which delays its adoption and adds unnecessary complexity for software package developers. “

Soderbery added: “For years Western Digital has helped lay the foundations of the Zoned ecosystem
Storage with the Linux kernel and the open-source software community. We are thrilled to bring the results of our contribution to this joint initiative with Samsung to drive wider adoption of Zoned Storage among users and application developers. ”

“This collaboration testifies to our ongoing commitment to respond to current and future customer needs, and has special significance as we expect it to actively develop further to help standardize Zoned Storage.”, said Jinman Han, Corporate EVP, Head of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Our commitment to this partnership will focus on hardware and software ecosystems to ensure that as many customers as possible can reap the benefits of this all-important technology.”

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