9 Ways To Fix “Err Internet Disconnected” Easily

No matter what browser you are using, chances are you have had this problem before. “Err Internet Disconnected”, or whether you are facing it right now.

If you are here because of the latter, you have come to the right place because we have all the steps you need to fix it.

If you have met him on in android, a software or device setting may be causing the problem.

In fact, I have often had to face this problem on my computer where an antivirus is usually the cause of the problem.

Anyway, here are the steps that will help you to solve this problem: “Err Internet Disconnected”:

Err Internet Disconnected
Err Internet Disconnected

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Method 1: Are You Really Connected to the Internet?

SATA cable

First of all, you should check if you are really connected to the Internet. Start by checking the network status of your computer.

If it indicates that you are disconnected, verify that the network cables are plugged in correctly and that your network devices are working fine.

Often the problem is caused by a loose Ethernet cable. Unplugging the cable and cleaning the port before plugging it back in usually resolves the “Err Internet Disconnected”.

However, if it still persists, proceed to the next method.

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Method 2: Power cycle the router and the computer

Unplug the router

First try powering on your router. The mistake »Err Internet Disconnected« ; is caused by a bad network connection and a good restart should suffice.

However, if it still persists, restarting your computer should also do the trick.

I’ve actually had this problem in the past with my old computer and it worked for me most of the time. If this persists, proceed to the next method.

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Method 3: Remove “WLAN” Profiles to Resolve “Err Internet Disconnected”

The profiles ” WLAN »Are wireless profiles and are created each time you join a new network WIRELESS.

In this first method, you will delete all of your wireless profiles. This method should work for you, especially if you are using WiFi for network access.

Please follow the steps below:

Press on the keys Windows + X on your keyboard.
Select Command Prompt (” Admin“) In the menu provided.

(Alternative method: Click on the start button, find CMD, right click on CMD and select “Run as administrator”).

Type then : netsh wlan show profiles.
Delete each individual profile using the ordered next :
netsh wlan delete profile name = “profile name” (without quotes).

Example: netsh wlan delete profile name = MyWifi

netsh wlan show profiles
netsh wlan show profiles

You can also see the image provided above. Just make sure you remove them all.

When finished, you can restart your computer and then try to connect to your wireless network by entering the password again.

Most likely this method should have resolved your “Err Internet Disconnected” problem. But if not, you can read our fourth method.

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Method 4: Uncheck the Proxy box

Internet proxy option

There are cases when this problem appears after installing software, as some just change network settings without you knowing it.

If you installed any software recently, be sure to check your local network settings, as this could be the cause of the problem.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Press on the key Windows + R then type ” inetcpl.cpl And press Enter to open the Internet properties.
2.Then, go to the tab Connections and select Settings Network.
3.Uncheck ” Use a proxy server for your local network and make sure that the option “Automatically detect settings Is checked.
4.Click on Ok then To apply.

Alternative method:

Estep 1: Open the Control panel from the menu To start up if you are using other versions of Windows. Alternatively, you can type ” Internet options »Directly from the search Cortana if you are using Windows 10 skip step 2.

2nd step : Click on Internet options.
Estep 3: Navigate to the tab Connections and click on the button Settings Network.

Close your browser if you have it open in the background and open your browser to see if the changes fixed the problem.

There are cases where it works, but if it persists, chances are it was a setting in your browser that is causing it, so read on.

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Method 5: Clear your browsing data

Clear your browsing data

You may be using a Firefox or Chrome browser, so we’ve done 2 steps below.

Follow the steps depending on the browser you are using.

For Google Chrome:

Estep 1: Open your Google Chrome browser and type chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData in the address bar.
2nd step : Make sure the option next to the time interval is set to All the time. Otherwise, change it by simply clicking on the drop-down menu.
Estep 3: Check all options before clicking on Clear data.
Estep 4: Restart the browser and check if that fixes the problem.

For Firefox:

Step 1 : Open your browser Firefox and press Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the Clear All History window.
2nd step : Click on the button Wipe off now next to the Cancel button.

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Method 7: Restrict antivirus or security software


It is one of the most common factors of this problem. In fact, that’s what usually fixes the problem in my case.

That is why it is worth checking whether your antivirus or security software is preventing your browser from accessing the Internet.

You just need to go to the software settings, allow the browser or turn off the restriction, and your problem should be resolved.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, or if you set the settings incorrectly, reinstalling the antivirus should do the trick, as it resets all settings to their defaults.

At this point, the problem should be fixed. If it persists, one or the other of the last two methods will surely be your ticket to finally fix this problem.

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Method 8: Reset Network Settings or DNS Flush

ipconfig / flushdns

These methods are very effective when it comes to troubleshooting network problems. This will ask you to open Command Prompt and make the correction from there.

It might be intimidating for people new to technology, but it’s easier than you might think.

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Type ” cmd »Without quotes after pressing the key Windows.
2nd step : Right-click on Command Prompt and click Execute as administrator.
Estep 3: Type ipconfig / flushdns first and press Enter. (Wait until the process is complete before proceeding to the next step.)
Estep 4: Type ipconfig / renew second and press Enter. (Wait until the process is complete before proceeding to the next step.)
Estep 5: Type netsh int ip set dns third and press Enter. (Wait until the process is complete before proceeding to the next step.)
Estep 6: Type netsh winsock reset after and press Enter. (Wait until the process is complete before proceeding to the next step.)
Estep 7: Restart your computer for the changes to take full effect and open your browser.

Several users find this patch to be the solution. If the issue is still not resolved, it could be a driver issue.

Method 9: Reinstall your network adapter

Device Manager
Device Manager

Another very effective solution is to reinstall your network adapter, as all network settings will be reinstalled by default.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Press the keys Windows + R to open the Run command and type devmgmt.msc to open the device Manager.
2nd step : Click on Network Adapters to see more drop-down options.
Step 3: Right click on your network adapter and choose Uninstall the device.
Estep 4: Restart your computer. Your computer should detect the missing drivers and install them again.

After going through all the methods, you will need to fix your problem.

But if for some reason you still have the problem »Err Internet Disconnected« , then the problem may be caused by hardware failure.

It is best to contact the manufacturer of the device, as they should know what the best course of action is for you.


This problem is intimidating at first, but now that you know what to do, it shouldn’t be as hard as you thought.

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