9 apps for the Easter Monday trip (and any other trip)

You are organizing one trip out of town for Easter Monday and you want a technological help? We tested a few app for iPhone and Android that could be for you. Whether you want to spend one or more days at the seain mountain or in one art City all to be explored. So here are the 9 essential apps for the Easter Monday outing (and any other exit out of town), according to the destinations.

The 9 apps not to be missed to organize an excellent Easter Monday outing

Sometimes traveling (even for just one day) has to be an adventure: a backpack with a water bottle and a few changes of clothes on your shoulder and a vague idea of ​​what you want to do. But if you want to avoid surprises and to organize a trip out of town for Easter Monday for your family or friendsthere are some apps that may be right for you.

We have divided them based on functionality and based on where you want to move. We will then leave with the perfect maps for explore naturewhich is among the woods or underwaterthen move on to city. Finally, two apps to manage the finances and the preparation of the backpack / suitcasesto which they will become essential for any future trip or trip.

The perfect apps for a trip to nature: Wikiloc and Komoot

If after a hearty Easter lunch you want to take a few steps in nature or cycle on the most interesting paths in the woods, there are a couple of applications that you cannot miss. Wikiloc has almost 10 million members and over 32 million outdoo routesr that you can explore.

On the site you can see more than 50 million photographersand to understand which path you want to walk / run / cycle on. And with the app you can let yourself be guided on many paths without fear of getting lost thanks to GPS (for safety, bring a power bank in your backpack!), with also indications on the times and difficulties.

Komoot works in a similar way, but with a more adventurous approach. In fact, you can choose the experience you prefer on the incredibly intuitive interface. Among the paths for those who love hiking, go up by road bike or mountain bike, you can find the right challenge and let you guide to destination and back.

The apps have different approaches to inspire you, but they are comprehensive and with an intuitive interface. Highly recommended for those who go to the mountains often but also excellent for a trip out of town. Both are also available for Apple Watch.

Scubadvisor, the app for those who love diving

Scubadvisor diving app Easter Monday excursion

The heat of the last few days makes the pit is possible to dive into the water even more loosely. And if you want to dive along our splendid coasts a Easter Mondaythere’s a app which helps us to organize everything easily.

Scubadvisor allows you to discover the best locations for explore the seabed, also allowing you to book your dive in the center local diving. It also shows prices and location on the map: a complete service for those who love to discover all the wonderful secrets of the sea.

The best apps for an Easter Monday trip to the city

Colosseum app Easter Monday trip

If, on the other hand, you want to visit a city of art, perhaps choosing from the enormous artistic heritage of our country, there are several services that you can take advantage of. We assume that you know how to use Wikipedia for information on monuments, Google Maps or Waze to move and social networks to post a photo under the symbol of the city.

But if you want to get some idea of ​​what to see, the Visit a City they are really useful, especially for a “hit and run” like the Easter Monday outing. You will know the main attractions of thousands of cities, the most interesting things to do, the best restaurants to try. And you can follow an itinerary already tested by other users or create your own.

As a second option, let’s cheat a little and don’t recommend a single app. In fact there are so many the apps of museums and attractions which is worth downloading. Because they offer services such as audio guides and guided tours, sometimes even discounts for admission. And in most cases they are free. So always check on the App Store or Play Store if there is an app for your tourist destination.

To move around the city: Citymapper and Moovit

public transport app for Easter Monday outing min

If you have opted for a city to visit, move with the means it can be an interesting alternative. It saves you the problem of parking near the center, while reaching every possible destination.

To orient yourself you can use Citymapper, which offers an incredibly intuitive and easy to use app. And there are not only trams and buses, you can find them too electric scooters and scooters to easily get around every city.

Alternatively, you can try Moovit. You can thus organize your train journey to your destination, and then move around the city without ever missing a coincidence. A great convenience to visit any city of art.

Both applications are also available for Apple Watch (indeed, they are among the best).

PackPoint, the perfect app for packing suitcases or backpacks

backpacking 800x500 min

There are no more useful apps for those who want to organize an Easter Monday trip, a week at the beach or a month to climb the Andes. PackPoint allows you to organize the own backpack or suitcase based on several variables. In fact, you can choose if it is a business trip or vacation, if you have particular activities planned (a diving excursion or a business presentation). Based on the period in the year, al weather of your destinationwhether you more or less have access to the laundry.

And you can choose whether or not you intend to use sweatshirts or pants several times, fully personalizing your choice. There are also i widget and the checklist when you prepare the bag: everything you need.

Splitwise, the perfect app to manage expenses during the Easter Monday outing

splitwise travel app expense division min

Finally, an app created for divide the expenses with your roommates but which becomes very useful when you are traveling. Splitwise it makes it very easy to divide the expenses in a simple way. For example, if you are traveling with a group of friends, it may be that someone pays for the taxi, someone else for dinner, someone for the hotel.

With Splitwise you simply have to mark the shopping, indicate who paid and with whom to divide the expense. You can also customize it to divide into equal parts or according to other criteria. At the end of the trip, click on Draw and Splitwise will aggregate the expenses to say who owes what to whom. Without having to do strange accounts, without the risk of forgetting. Simply: it works.

These are the apps we take you for Easter Monday trip or for any other trip out of town. To take away all the stress possible and enjoy the trip and the people you are traveling with. Happy holidays!

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