8 Ways to Fix Error 0x80070020

Usually, this is the error statement that appears when updating the installed OS, this error code 0x80070020 is quite common and can be encountered in your system during updates.

There can be different reasons which is causing this error code 0x80070020 and not allowing you to access your update or apps.

Here is some reason:

Fix error code 0x80070020 Windows 10

error 0x80070020
error 0x80070020

These are the different problems that can cause the code 0x80070020 and our developers have filtered solutions for you with simpler and more understandable ways, they will help you to easily fix this code manually.

Method 1: Restart the update components

  • Open a elevated command prompt by pressing the button To start up, while typing cmd and opening it as administrator.
  • In the elevated command prompt, type the following commands to stop services linked to Windows Update . Press on Entrance after each order:

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop msiserver

net stop cryptsvc

Restart windows update components
Restart components
  • Rename the backup copies of the software distribution folder. This can be done by entering the following commands:

ren% systemroot% SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak

ren% systemroot% system32 catroot2 catroot2.bak

  • Restart the services BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer and Update service that you stopped earlier using these commands:

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start msiserver

net start cryptsvc

  • Restart your PC and check if the Update stops producing the error when you try to update.

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Method 2: Disable Antivirus and Firewall or Use Default Antivirus

One of the main reasons for this error 0x80070020 is a third party anti virus which prevents update process.

disable antivirus
disable antivirus

Anti-virus and firewall are intended to protect your PC against viruses and malware. But sometimes the PC and the antivirus don’t work so well together.

This means that the operating system is facing incompatibilities with third-party antivirus software.

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Method 3: Restart the BITS service

Background Intelligent Transfer Service, abbreviated as BITS, is mainly responsible for automatic and intelligent updating of your PC in the background.

When this service is Out of order, the problems of update 0x80070020 are provoked. Thus, restarting this service could restore its proper functioning again.

To restart the BITS, follow the indicated steps:

  • Simultaneously press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the task Manager.
  • Go to the tab Services and find BITS or Service smart transfer in the background in the list.
  • Right click and select To restart.
Restart the BITS service from the task manager
Restart the BITS service from the task manager

This will restart the BITS and may fix the problem withUpdate.

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Method 4: the troubleshooter

After disabling your antivirus but couldn’t seem to fix the problem Microsoft Update Troubleshooter can fix it.

To execute the troubleshooting tool:

  • Press the key Windows and type Repair and press Entrance.
  • If you don’t have one, download it by clicking here.
  • Choose option Update in the list and click Run the resolution tool problem.
  • The system will automatically detect any issues and walk you through some on-screen instructions to resolve them.
Windows update troubleshooting
problem resolution

Hope this built-in feature helped you get out of this update 0x80070020 issue.

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Method 5: Run SFC / SCANNOW

SFC Where system file checker is one of the built-in tools useful for any windows system. It might help you fix the update issue. This tool is capable analyze your pc or laptop looking for any type of error and of corrupted features, and try to correct them effectively. It is recommended to run it only once,

  • Open command prompt with administrator rights. to do so open the menu To start up and right-click on Command Prompt -and Select Run as administrator.
  • After opening the command line, type sfc / scannow
  • This command will take a few minutes to scan your PC.
  • When the execution is complete, close thecommand prompt
sfc / scannow command
sfc / scannow command

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Method 6: Run CHKDSK

You should also run the CHKDSK utility, this will help you repair bad sectors that can cause error 0x80070020 and of many other problems.

  • Open menu To start up and right-click on Command Prompt -then Select Run as administrator.
  • Click on the button ” Yes To open the window.
  • type ” chkdsk ” and ” VS“, Which is the drive of your system
  • Note: It is recommended to leave a space between ” chkdsk And the letter of the drive.
  • Press on ENTER to run this command.

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Method 7: Stop the Update Service

  • Click on the button Windows and type Administration tool ;
  • Choose the first option from the results, select Services ;
  • If you get a confirmation window, use your administrator password to continue ;
  • Select the tab name to set the names in reverse order;
  • Search Windows Update, right-click on it and choose Stop.
Windows update service
service update

Restart the Service Update that you have already stopped:

  • Click on the Windows button and type Administration tool ;
  • Double click on Services ;
  • If you get a confirmation window, use your administrator password to continue;
  • Select the Name column to define the names in reverse order;
  • Search Windows Update, right-click on it and select To start up.
activate Windows Update service
activate Update service

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Method 8. Driver problem

Now we have to check that there is no device drivers that stop the Update Process.

  • Open the Control panel;
  • Choose Device Manager (select Show hidden devices);
  • Check if there is unknown devices or devices with a yellow triangle triangle. Such kind of problems may be the reason why it displays update error;
  • Try to find the updates for your drivers for Win 10 on the web. This might help you solve this problem.
Show hidden devices in device manager
Show hidden devices in device manager

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Hope you will be able to correct 0x80070020 using the methods given in the article. If you are still stuck after performing all of the above solutions, try formatting your PC.

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